Installing Android and Cordova dependencies for Ionic Development

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  • If anyone is having problems when you run java in the command prompt, and you already did the path thing I just reinstalled the jdk and it worked.

  • when i typed ionic platform add android , i noticed i got an ERROR message that said " Error %s :Enoent : no such file or directory , scandir 'c:usersmynamehooks'
    at Error (native)
    and another error that says " Error happened [ no such file or directory ,open C:usersmynameconfig.xml'
    so what does that mean ? and what should i do?

  • Hello and thanks for this great video.I follow all the steps but after i installed cordova ,i tried to launch it but i got this message "'cordova' is not recognized as internal or external command" so i add it on the path and then worked.After the install of ionic i get the same message "ionic ' is not etc..".I tried to add it to the path but nothing happens.
    Any ideas will be helpfull.

  • This was very helpful. I had to adjust for the "Android Studio" locations for its own sdk at location <C:UsersUSERAppDataLocalAndroidsdk>, but the PATH instructions were otherwise on-point.

  • Hello,
    whenever i try to run the project on device 'android' i get this error:
    error code 1 for command cmd with args /s /c ant debug
    i have no idea how to solve it, can you please help me?, i did pretty much all kind of solutions that i've find in google, but nothing work.
    thanks in advance !

  • I get an cordova build error:

    Running command: C:Usersmokhelloplatformsandroidcordovabuild.bat
    [Error: Failed to run "android". Make sure you have the latest Android SDK installed, and that the "android" command (inside the tools/ folder) is added to your PATH.]
    ERROR building one of the platforms: Error: C:Usersmokhelloplatformsandroidcordovabuild.bat: Command failed with exit code 2
    You may not have the required environment or OS to build this project

  • i have this weird behaviour, when i type 'ionic build android', nothing happens it just pauses for a sec then goes to the next line.

  • I am getting this error when i try to add the android platform.

    Error: Please install Android target 19 (the Android newest SDK). Make sure you have the latest Android tools installed as well. Run "android" from your command-line to install/update any missing SDKs or tools.

    I installed all the tool and everything in android 4.4.2 (API 19). What else do I need to do?

  • one more thing, cmd prompt does not recognize cordova after installation, however node.js cmd prompt does recognise it. Will this work, or does it have to be recognized through standard cmd prompt?

  • hmmm my PATH contains the following: jdk1.8.0_25bin, sdkplatform-tools, sdktools, apache-ant-1.9.4bin. I've checked all paths are still relevant and correct, but still cmd prompt doesn't find anything when I type 'android'. Any ideas?

  • When i installed cordova, a tried to use the "cordova" command to test, but said it didnt recognized it. I'm using Win8 64bit, JDK 64bit and android sdk 64bit. I followed the instructions but still don't know why doesnt recognize it.

  • Hey people, Need a little help here. I am getting this error
    Reference error : npm is not defined
    > npm         
       ReferenceError: npm is not defined                
       at repl:1:2                                   
       at REPLServer.self.eval (repl.js:110:21)       
       at Interface.<anonymous> (repl.js:239:12)      
       at Interface.emit (events.js:95:17)           
       at Interface._onLine (readline.js:202:10)     
       at Interface._line (readline.js:531:8)        
       at Interface._ttyWrite (readline.js:760:14)   
       at ReadStream.onkeypress (readline.js:99:10) 
       at ReadStream.emit (events.js:98:17)          
       at emitKey (readline.js:1095:12)          
    How to resolve this??

  • Hoping I can get a little help. I have followed all the steps up until you say to type "android" into the command prompt, but that doesn't do anything.

    Here is my PATH (C:UserscoryldeanAppDataRoamingnpm; C:xamppAndroidSDKsdkplatform-tools; C:xamppAndroidSDKsdktools; C:xamppApacheAntbin; C:xamppnodejs)

    I have ensured java installed by running java -version in the command prompt and I get java version "1.8.0_20"
    I have ensured node.js is installed by running node -v in the command prompt and I get v0.10.32

    Neither ant -v or android is recognized.


  • In my Windows 7 command line I can use node, npm, and ant. The android command launches the Android SDK Manager (your website says "run android to see the list of android targets you can install." my Moto X is plugged in and has debugging turned on. Also, while I can use npm to install cordova and ionic, typing 'cordova' or 'ionic' in the command line results in not found errors.  

    My PATH is this: "%JAVA_HOME%bin;C:Program Filesadt-bundle-windowssdkplatform-tools;C:Program Filesadt-bundle-windowssdktools;C:Program Filesapache-ant-1.9.4bin;C:UsersDustinAppDataRoamingnpmnode_modulesshelljs;C:Program Filesnodejs"

    Any suggestions?

  • At 10:20, in order for the quick fix of creating the 'plugman' folder to work, I found that you must have installed the git software first.

    Then it will work

  • Creating the plugman and git folders hasn't solved the problem for me, anyone know where to go from here?

    EDIT: my problem was with my installion of GIT, only GIT Bash was allowed to use git, so I had to use Bash instead of the command prompt (at least I think that's why – I remember the 'most secure' option was ticked during my installion of GIT, so I left it ticked).

  • It might have been nice if you spent some time building some sort of installer. Either that, or somebody who doesn't suck macs for a living. 

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