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My previous tutorial of this topic seems to be not working on the recent version of BlueStacks. So I make a new one with a slightly more advanced procedure.

Bluestacks one of the best performing Android emulator for the PC. Most of performance sensitive apps and games can run pretty decently in it.

But it comes with some catch. One of them is that you will be nagged to register with them, via One-Time Setup screen, most likely for sponsorship purposes. While in one hand it’s just how the company makes money, in other hand it can annoy customer that does not want to opt-in.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install and disable One-Time Setup using adb, so it will not pop-up every once in a while.


4 Replies to “Installing Bluestacks 2 and Disabling One-Time Setup Using ADB”

  1. i have problem in my Account in Bluestacks are u can Help me in it
    i join by My mail Yahoo and all my game Data on that mail
    it not allowed to change my mail to gmail ????

    Please Help me

  2. Hello! Works! But now i need to revert blocked BS-Services back to enabled state. How can I do this?

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