How to install lrtemplate and xmp presets inside Lightroom CC Classic 2019. Learn how to install develop presets, local adjustment presets and export presets inside Adobe Lightroom Classic CC – This video is to show you where to put your presets now that Adobe has moved the .lrtemplate presets to a different folder from the Adobe Camera Raw .xmp presets. Although Lightroom is great, adding presets in Lightroom CC Classic has now become a little confusing – Watch this tutorial for an in depth explanation of where to find the preset folder in Lightroom CC Classic 2019, and how to properly install presets inside Lightroom. Enjoy!


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  • Want free Lightroom Presets? Download our sample pack here!

  • Thank you for your clear and precise instructions to install my old LRTEMPLATE presents but after following your instructions Lightroom Classic
    is still not converting or importing them. I don't know what to do now.

  • Honestly I gave this a thumbs down because the author goes way to fast. Author clearly skips over relevant information around 3:20 as well. We are not robots, yet!

  • I have no idea how you got the prests tab on the left side i don't have one and can't see my presets I downloaded…

  • Hey! I get into my Settings folder, add preset folders (or even rename a folder there) and on Lightroom the folders never change names and the new presets always appear under User Presets and not in the folder I put them in. Im trying to add new presets and organize my existing folders and thats a nightmare

  • Thank you for clarifying the difference. Because I have LR and XMP. I put them all in the same place and they're not popping up. I assumed there was two separate places but nobody shows in the video how to do it. Thank you so much for this tutorial

  • Way too too fast talk non stop..babble on not explained properly at are a complete dick of the worst kind!

  • In regards of the vsco presets, i keep getting a profile missing. which im assuming is my camera profile calibration, how is that fixed?

  • I have local adjustment preset in xmp file. where do i need to put the folder? Inside "Settings" or inside "Local Corrections" inside CameraRaw?? Please clarify!!

  • I tried to do this put it still doesn't show up. I have .xmp files and trying on Lightroom Classic version 9.2. Any suggestions?

  • i put the xmp files into the camera raw settings folder but they don't show up, i don't know what else to do =/

  • I did everything correctly, have my files in xmp, and it still will not show up in my lightroom cc 2019. help!!!

  • doesn't convert lrtemplate to xmp when adding them into LR 9.0. nothing happens in lightroom after restart.

  • wow.. struggled for hours.. this is so helpful.. I finally got my presets loaded. Thank you for this video, such an easy explanation.

  • Why do you talk so fast? I know you know what you are talking about but you need to slow down so someone who is looking for help can follow along. Or type a 1-2-3 list of how to do it.

  • THANK YOU !!! Idk why they made this so confusing 😭 you were the only video that actually helped, appreciate it !

  • I followed the steps in adding my lrtemplate, is lightroom going to convert them to xmp? Or am I somehow? Because my lrtemplate presets still are not showing up 🙁 and what are export presets… I don’t have those with the brand I have/use…

  • Finally found the right and useful video. I've been searching for the right tutorial for about an hour… Thanks!

  • my lr 9 detects xml but not lrtempalate….did everything according to video…lr doesnt convert them into xml

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