Installing the Android SDK for Flutter

Installing the Android SDK for Flutter


ACCESS the FULL COURSE here: TRANSCRIPT Next on this page we have Android setup and this is, by the way, valid for both Windows and Mac because A

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Next on this page we have Android setup and this is, by the way, valid for both Windows and Mac because Android is cross platform and even the installation process is cross platform. So we wanna start up by downloading and installing Android Studio. So we are going to be taken to the and we wanna download Android Studio, the latest version which is currently 3.3.2. And by the way, we are not going to be using Android Studio as our development environment but we need to have Android Studio fully setup so that we can utilize the Android Toolchain because actually Flutter apps are not just running on Flutter itself. They’re running on Android or IOS or in the future they will even be able to run on the web with project Hummingbird. But as of speaking, they cannot run on the web so let’s just focus on Android and IOS. So let’s download Android Studio for Windows and the same process that I already said applies to Mac. I also have a separate folder on local disk C for Android Studio versions so let’s just download that file over there. It has almost one gigabyte but the download is pretty fast here so that’s cool. In the meantime, we can return to the previous page which is the Flutter setup. Okay, once the Android Studio setup is downloaded, we wanna open the folder where it is. Now download it and we wanna start it. By doing this, I will already have three Android Studio versions installed in my machine but what am I not going to do for you guys. So we wanna just click on Next as always. Then we want to install both, Android Studio and Android Virtual Device. Then you wanna select the location for the installation of Android Studio. I am going to choose the C folder, Android Studio. And under that, I wanna create a new folder which will be just flutter_course because I really do not need a real Android Studio installation. Oh, it did not save the folder name, so flutter_course here, Android Studio flutter_course. So let’s put that Android Studio installation there. Now just click on Next. We are going to create a shortcut, alright. And it’s going to be all nicely installed. So even though we are not gonna be using Android Studio as our development environment, we need it for Android SDK. We’re not gonna use it because I feel that the VS Code, Visual Studio Code is much better development environment for Flutter because it’s lightweight. It doesn’t take up like, it doesn’t stutter, and overall, the experience in VS Code is just much better. But now, let’s click on Next and we wanna start Android Studio, this new installation. Otherwise, the Android Studio executable is right under the bin folder. (beeping sharply) And actually by installing Android Studio, you’ve also installed Android SDK. But just to make sure that SDK is configured properly, you wanna click on this configure button. Go to SDK Manager. And you’re going to be taken to Android SDK tab. And just make sure that you have at least one Android SDK setup here. So I have Android nine, Android P Preview, Android 8.0 Oreo. Just click on these check marks and then also SDK Tools. You wanna make sure that you have Android SDK Build Tools, Android Emulator, the latest version.

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