Intel SSD Toolbox and the Adaptec 6805E

Running the Intel SSD Toolbox or CrystalDiskInfo appears to consistently cause my RAID controller to hang and reset.

Boot ROM 5.2-0 (19109 and 19147)
Firmware 5.2-0 (19109 and 19147)
Device driver 7.4-0 (30850)

Things that did not help:

• Removing all other PCI devices except for the video card
• Running the computer with default BIOS settings
• Disabling the unused secondary SATA controller
• Disabling all boot ROMs on the mainboard
• Upgrading the firmware from build 19109 to 19147
• Reinstalling Windows
• Reinstalling Windows on a different boot device
• Doing all of the above in combination


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