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Welcome to another journey into the world of animation! Stick it through to the end and you’ll have a great base in the world of Adobe Animate! Let’s do this!

Note: I decided against putting the colour palette up on the website. To encourage creativity, I’d like you to choose your own colours! You can still find the initial sketch there though.

Alan Becker Principles of Animation:

Thanks for watching!

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40 Replies to “Intro to Adobe Animate 2020 [1/4] | Beginners Tutorial”

  1. TipTut : Can you recommend the cheapest Wacom tablet (including other brand available in the market) that works on Animate CC 2020 ? Thanks in advance.

  2. You just saved my life II literally mean it when I say it. Your tutorial seems to be very friendly and at the same time experienced you have been using the adobe animate for ages. hope you keep on doing the kind of things more in the future.

  3. Thank you so much. I know fairly little in adobe after effects but never got to using adobe animate. For the most part, I was struggling to understand the keyframes so this really helped and I'm so grateful!!

  4. i like the way that you go through the course on creative way not like the normal way most teachers do,HIT STRAIGHT TO THE CONCEPT MAINLY HOW TO DO IT ,you are the best .

  5. I imported the sketch into my page, but when I tried to paint on it it didn’t stay on the sketch and went under it on the blank page. Do you know how I fix that ?

  6. ADOBE IS MAD, who will learn all adobe burden, while there was already after effect, premiere, animation inside photohsop, now adobe who is mad has new bustrd …. just making people fool and to sell their MADNESS.

  7. Hi Matthew, @TipTut I can't seem to allocate your colour folder? I couldn't see it in the website neither. Thanks

  8. This is awesome, also your illustration skills and attention to detail is amazing! Thank you for this and I look forward to your content in the future 🙂

  9. Thank you a lot for your Adobe Animate series! This helped me out a lot for putting together my project and is great for those who haven't used the software before. Will definitely recommend this, (:

  10. Hey fellow Animate rookies, here's a juicy tip for you: instead of deleting every other frame by hand (ca 36:45), you can select your frames > right click > convert to frame-by-frame animation > hit 'every other frame' annnd done! 🙂

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