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You can basically turn your iPad into a notebook/laptop computer now. It wasn’t really possible until iOS 11, but Apple has added a number of features for the iPad that can make it feel much less like a tablet. If you have not upgraded to iOS 11, it is definitely worth it. It will be released on Tuesday, September 19th.

iOS 11 gave us the split-screen feature. If you’re writing a document and need to drop in a picture, just open up both programs and drag and drop the picture just like you do with your other notebooks. Most of us work with a number of programs like email, Word, picture editors, and whatever. Now you can add all your favorite apps to that little bar on the bottom. When you open up a program you’ll notice it disappears. When you need it just swipe up. The files feature is what digitally transforms your tablet into an actual computer. Add a Bluetooth keyboard to make it truly mobile. Lots of keyboards come with cases that double as a stand to make it a more laptop-style experience. Bluetooth keyboards for iPads have come down dramatically in price over the last few years, and are now priced around $30 on Amazon.

The iWork apps (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) are now free and they’re surprisingly useful on the iPad. So if you need to write a document, make a presentation, or balance a budget, they have you covered. There is also Microsoft’s Office 365 which is not free, but if you really need the Office experience you can buy it from the App Store. Google Docs is free, easy to collaborate with others in real-time, and quite functional. To edit photos, videos, or work on 3D models, we suggest the iPad Pro. There’s a ton of really terrific apps that turn the iPad Pro into something close to a workstation-type system.

Since you can’t upgrade the storage on an iPod, we suggest looking into cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, and even iCloud itself. iCloud has come a long way recently and is actually a solid online storage solution. If you don’t trust the cloud, we also suggest the DT Bolt Duo drive: You can backup your iPhone photos without a computer. Photos and videos are usually the biggest offender when it comes to taking up storage space.

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23 Replies to “iOS 11 turns an iPad into a Laptop? DIY in 5 Ep 68”

  1. Hey guys, I'm in 2020, iPadOS 13 lets you connect your mouse and lets external devices like USB connect

  2. 1:19 the crying you added was from an SCP in case you never realised, it’s name is 'shy guy' and can get very violent.

  3. Personally I love my iPad Air 2. Regularly use it. Been looking into laptops, but then this upgrade has making the use really easy. I still use Excel and Word. Being able to use it on the iPad helps a lot.

  4. I have my ipad jailbroken and ios 9, and I dont care about the amount of apps on my ‘task bar’ and i already found a subsitute for files so should i still update? I say nay nay and since i have cydia i can also use a mouse 😀

  5. My work is E-commerce on internet witch social network and some local sites. I m using web browser, excel and some kind of basic photo edit programs in my laptop but couple days ago my laptop died. So i was thinking to buy new laptop with i3 chipset but ahould i buy or choose ipad? I m mobile person and wanna keep my laptop/tablet always.

    If i m going to buy an ipad with keyboard, will i comfortable using tablet with excel specially?

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