Jeremy Rohmer Cycle 20 Antm Tribute

Jeremy Rohmer Cycle 20 Antm Tribute


Cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model is heating up now we’re down to only a handful of contestants. After getting a second chance with the Comeback

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Cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model is heating up now we’re down to only a handful of contestants. After getting a second chance with the Comeback Series, Jeremy Rohmer came back to the competition ready to take home the gold. Unfortunately for him, his game was cut short and he packed his bags to leave Bali and head home.
Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Jeremy after his elimination and spoke with him about his beef with Chris Hernandez, his amazing body transformation, and sleeping next to the very “loud” Marvin and Renee.
Check out the interview below, and hit the comments to share your thoughts on Jeremy’s elimination.
Wetpaint Entertainment: When you found out you were the male fan favorite in the Comeback Series, what was going through your mind?
Jeremy Rohmer: I was definitely excited and surprised. After they announced Alex, I didn’t think they were going to bring back a guy. So hearing that and actually getting picked was definitely one of the coolest things to happen during the show.
Were you nervous to head back into the house and compete with everyone else?
Yes and no. I was definitely practicing my modeling while being out of the house, so coming back in, I was a little more confident, but I knew that I was going to be against the top few contestants.
This week saw super high tensions in the house, especially with Chris H., who you said you were going to distance yourself from. What was going on there?
Chris is all over the place. One day he tells you that he loves you and that you’re like a brother to him, and the next day he gets upset that I’m standing in front of him while we’re waiting to be greeted by Johnny and Rob. That’s how that fight escalated to that point, because I stood in front of the guy on accident and it’s just things like that that weird me out with Chris.
America’s Next Top Model Makeover: Jeremy
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What was it like standing next to Chris and Nina in the Bottom 3?
I definitely didn’t expect Nina to be there. I definitely didn’t expect myself to be there. Chris was expected, since his photos haven’t been so strong, but going into panel, everyone had said that photo was one of my better photos. So hearing the judges think otherwise was a little off-putting.
Even with Nina, who was a strong contestant the whole season, to see her in the Bottom 3 for a photo that wasn’t even remotely bad was definitely a surprise.
Are you and Chris on a friendly basis now that the show is over?
He apologized, I apologized, so I’m on a good basis of everyone. I like to text everyone here and there to see how they’re doing and what they’re up to. We’re good. We’re friends now.
It was also a little emotional with the judges discussing your body transformation from when you were little to today. Care to talk about that?
As a kid, I liked to eat. I was just a chubby kid. I knew I was chubby, but my mom never told me that. One day, I just realized I wanted to lose weight. My mom got me into swimming. So I ended up swimming for about six years and I just got extremely skinny. Then I realized that I didn’t want to be skinny anymore — I wanted to be muscular. That’s when I hit the gym. I’ve been all over the spectrum.
Do you plan on toning down your arms like the judges suggested, or are you going to remain buff?
I plan on trimming down a bit. I still want to be muscular, but I’ll trim it down. The only person who gave advice was Tyra — she gives the best advice. Rob helped out here and there, and Kelly is just Kelly.
Was there any awkwardness coming back in the house with Jourdan?
She’s a weird girl. She goes from being my friend to totally ragging on me. That girl is definitely all over the place with her ex-husband and all that stuff. Me and her are OK, but there’s no more drama between me and her. We’re doing all right.
It seems like there’s going to be a male winner this year. Which guy do you think has the best shot at winning?
That’s a toughie. Marvin’s like my little brother, so I want him to win. Cory is a strong guy. Chris, he’s been slacking, but he could pick it up. But if I could pick a guy to win, it would have to be Marvin.
How awkward was it sleeping next to Marvin and Renee when they got romantic?
There weren’t that many beds, so we had to kind of share. I had my own bed, but for some reason it was pushed next to their bed. Sometimes they got loud. When they would show me peeking over the pillow, it wasn’t because I was trying to be a creep or a pervert, it was because they were being so loud. I was like, “What the heck are they doing?” So it was pretty weird, but at the same time it was a little adorable seeing Marvin get the girl.
Did you ever expect Marvin to finally get the girl?
I knew Marvin would eventually pull a girl, but I didn’t expect it to be =


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    One of the best looking guys in ANTM

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    I liked him a lot this cycle besides Chris H.
    But he's a good example that good looks doesn't equal model. He needed a lot of work

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