Julian Amazing Talker Introduction

Hello, I am Julian. Hallo. Ich bin Julian.

I am from Austria. It is one of the German speaking countries amongside Germany and Switzerland.
I am a German speaking expert. I am also a German teacher. Over the past years I helped many people achieve fluency in German.
On Amazing Talker, I want to offer a 4 stages course.

Stage 1 is for the level A1: Beginner – pronunciation, greetings and introduction
Stage 2 is Level A2: Elementary – we deepen the knowledge from the previous course
Stage 3 is Level B1: Pre-Intermediate – You will have in depth conversations with other people in German
Stage 4, Level B2: Intermediate – We finally achieve fluency in speaking German

Each of this stages will consist 20 to 40 lessons. Depends on your effort and learning ability.
I always provide homework to make sure your progress will be fast.

If you are interested in learning German with me, book a Trial Class.

What you´ll get after trial class?
*A evaluation of your Level in German
*A 10 USD coupon for my lesson
*A customised study plan to reach your German goals
* A possilble great start in your German journey

I hope to see you very soon in my class 🙂


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