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Hello YouTube Family! 💕
I am so thankful for the support you have given K. I know you love him and care deeply for him. Based on your request, we have put together this compilation of K. I hope you enjoy it!

Yari will be putting together another compilation of your all time favorite. Hope you can guess who it is. You surely have my heart.💝

Love you guys deeply so glad you are an extension of my family. Love reading your post and praying for you.Take care and God Bless!

Love, Hugs & Well Wishes,
Enilsa 💜

Word of Wisdom:
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God
“Philippians 4:6”


Intro music: Bensound – thank you!

Link to each used video:
Blackheads on Forehead /
Blackheads Extractions “K’s” 2nd Treatment /
Blackheads Extractions “K’s” 3rd Treatment /
Blackheads Extractions “K’s” 4th Treatment /
Blackheads Extractions “K’s” 5th Treatment /


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33 Replies to “"K's" Best Blackhead Extraction Compilation Part #1”

  1. Sure wish it could have lasted longer I sure enjoyed this video. Does that mean we will never get to see k again. I sure wish him a wonderful life with lots of love and happiness thanks k for being in our pop family we all loved you.♥️💗❤

  2. You are my squeeze queen! 👑 I definitely have job envy!🥰 just out of interest I’m curious how long did K have in between sessions? Keep up the fab work! Lotsa love from England.xx

  3. I agree with Connie Medina. I think Enilsa could teach others that seem to think if they don't have a quart of blood, you didn't do good. Thank you Enilsa for doing the best job ever.

  4. Someone posted a few days ago saying "This lady knows what she's doing"; which is a factual statement, and with which, I agree TOTALLY!!! However, I am assuming that the individual didn't quite get to finish his statement. The only thing I can think of at the moment is that Ms. Enilsa NOT ONLY KNOWS WHAT SHE'S DOING, SHE IS BEYOND PROFESSIONAL…. PLUS ……….she is an EDUCATOR as well !!! I don't recall ever hearing any other technician explain what they are doing, much less empty or double check the pores that they "poked at" removing only the top like unto a scab on a sore… and then typically, they will also have the nerve to refer to their so-called work, as a procedure. ONLY a PROFESSIONAL has EARNED the right to use the word "PROCEDURE"!!!
    Thank You for sharing wit all of us….. your DEDICATED audience!!! We look forward to seeing more of your PROFESSIONAL videos, and ALL THE LOVE AND RESPECT THAT YOU POUR INTO THEM!!!!!!!!

  5. I know so many of you watchers comment on how Enilsa gets it all out….but I just don't agree Just squeeze one more time, Enilsa, please.

  6. La felicito es la unica que denota formacion profesional en limpieza cosmetologica de la piel
    Maneja tecnicas de higiene
    Es metodica y ordenada en su accion
    Sin rasgos de "sadismo "con sus clientes

  7. Love this lady…shes so lovely…hugs from Ottawa Canada…I got my 13 yr old daughter some 20 percent glycolic wash 2 weeks ago as recommended to help exfoliate enough to be able to get the blackheads out…good lord this poor kid….I cant get barely any out even with sometimes using the little pointer to puncture it a little. …shes seen two dermatologists in ottawa but because it's not bad acne it's only blackheads they dont seem to care as much but shes super self conscious..oh well…I'll keep trying…❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  8. I don't mean this to be rude at all. But, how does someone let their face become this clogged. I would squeezing it out myself, so it would never get like that.

  9. It’s like watching fireworks they blast one in the sky but then a bunch of smaller ones burst open all around the big one, Enilsa goes to pop one blackhead but 3 or more pop out at the same time, it’s so exciting to watch!!!

  10. Excellent video! I like your videos because of the close-up camera work and how you extract the blackheads completely. This is the best of the best! I also like the soft music playing, it is very soothing. Thank You Enilsa!

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