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  1. Your keeper let you down…Goals change games.
    I think there are 3 worse teams in the division. Don’t panic.

  2. i think villa are just permanently cursed, club spent enough last summer to secure being premership side just as sherwood did the last time villa got relegated, clouds never seem to lift over the club..

  3. I don’t even know why these lads turn up anymore. They should have just let Leicester win by default and save the travelling fans the price of a ticket and fuel expenses. This team ain’t worthy of Championship football never mind premier league.

  4. As a Leicester fan, our current form led me to expect a really difficult game but as you say Villa were awful on the night. If I was a Villa fan what would frustrate me were the ridiculous comments by Dean Smith. Having had the investment he just seems totally clueless. I don't what game he was watching but it wasn't the same one as me. Having said that I hope you do escape relegation. Fantastic support which should have been properly acknowledged by the whole Villa side and not just the usual suspects

  5. No passion, utterly pathetic play overall. You’d think someone on this team would be man enough to call this lax bs out, but no one seems to give a toss. Disgrace to the shirt on this evening

  6. I give up caring if we stay up or go down. We're shit and Deano needs to go in my eyes. Shit defending, shit attacking plus you bring in Reina and Drinkwater on loan? Lmao fucking pathetic show of shit!

  7. Football is a cruel game, that was hard to watch even as a Wolves fan. I think the Villa started well and then that header back from Engels nearly scoring an own goal resulted in panic again. Guilbert played like a headless chicken, you can’t go that far forward and leave all that space behind you. It happened so often. Reina’s rush of blood to the head and not having confidence in his back 4 to clear the ball. Then after that you just folded and conceded some soft goals. I thought the penalty was harsh.

    I have watched a lot of Villa games and the over-reliance on Mings and Grealish to carry the team is too much. The rest of the team need to step up to help them out.

    I hope you can get some results to stay up, but you need to do better than that. Your fans deserve better as you sell out all your away games and deserve more from the players and the coaching staff.

    Good luck v Chelsea! Hopefully you can defend much better and nick something.

  8. Hi Max,
    It’s taken me nearly 36 hours before I dare rewatch this match. It was bloody brutal mate and don’t know how you put yourself through this week in week out. I’ve been firmly in the SmithIn camp but that Leicester performance has completely rocked my confidence that;

    a) this team have the fight for the battle ahead in the 10 games coming and
    b) Smith can turnaround the players and get them mentally and physically right and he get his tactics right.

    Every pundit is saying our zonal marking is costing us and that is down to Deano and his team to sort out. If we do t put a performance in on Saturday then I think he Weill he gone before the International break. Pains me because I want to believe but it’s becoming so hard.

    Every other team, inc. Norwich are showing fight and identity and we simply are not. Praying super John can be the Adrenalin we need but it’s gonna take more than that.

    If only Villa could play Villa then we’d be fine but Saturday becomes a must not lose game. #UTV

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