Leicester City 4-0 Aston Villa premier league

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Goals from Harvey Barnes and Jamie Vardy as they both score 2 each

Leicester smash Aston Villa in an embarrassing 4-0 defeat at the king power. Villa fans get frustrated as Jamie Vardy and Harvey Barnes score 2 each. It was a very bad performance and villa got totally dominated, and Leicester deserved the win. Leicester now sit 4 points behind Manchester City, as Villa are still stuck in the relegation zone


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  • As a Leicester fan through n through can't wait to see the back of Villa always hated u tossers , but fair play to this lad tho good blog .

  • Well done. You are probably the best vloger I have seen.I think that you can stay up.Good luck for the rest of the season. From a Leicester fan👍🏻

  • Honest vlog. Keep supporting the good and bad times that’s what it’s all about. It would be a shame to lose Villa as it’s one of the best aways for Leicester.

  • Was at the game. You can’t say Leicester wasn’t singing mate. When villa went 2-0 down people were leaving and by full time almost nobody there. Can’t slate a teams support when you only sing if your drawing or winning 😬

  • We had Ndidi back, Chilwell dropped, Justin and Barnes tearing Villa up in the left. Everything went the right way for us. Good luck for the rest of the season, not so sure we will be playing you next season though.

  • What did I tell you? Smith out Big Sam in……Smith out of his depth, totally embarrassing…£140m we deserved to be relegated

  • Your analysis of the game is brilliant tbh young man, there's not many lads of your age who reads the game as well as you do. A huge well done.

  • I'm a Leicester fan but just wanted to say that your ability to speak well and vlog at such a high level is incredible. Keep it up as you're fantastic at it young man. You're representing your club/city incredibly well and you should be VERY proud of yourself. Now about the footy… i felt for you lot with the Mings "handball" as i didn't believe it was one and as us foxes have been screwed over by awful VAR calls for weeks on end it makes me have sympathy for other teams who also get screwed over. Even though we looked back to our old self in the 2nd half i truly believe that your squad and style of play will be enough to keep you in the premier league. If you Villlians go down then it will be a travesty as your play throughout the season deserves to stay up. 🦊💙🤝

  • Fair play on making your vlog after that performance, football is a cruel game. I think the Villa started well and then that header back from Engels nearly scoring an own goal resulted in panic again. Guilbert played like a headless chicken, you can’t go that far forward and leave all that space behind you. It happened so often. Reina’s rush of blood to the head and not having confidence in his back 4 to clear the ball. Then after that you just folded and conceded some soft goals. I thought the penalty was harsh.

    I have watched a lot of Villa games and the over-reliance on Mings and Grealish to carry the team is too much. The rest of the team need to step up to help them out.

    I hope you can get some results to stay up, but you need to do better than that. Your fans deserve better as you sell out all your away games and deserve more from the players and the coaching staff.

    Good luck v Chelsea! Hopefully you can defend much better and nick something.

  • Not just saying this as a Wolves fan….as we have not rivalry at all, but Dean Smith and Terry has to go. £140m poorly poorly invested.
    I feel for your club. It's not looking good. Financial Fair play will be waiting for you in the Championship.
    Best of luck

  • Les-Tah fan here. Good video young man…it needs showing to the Villa players this morning. Better than any manager teamtalk. Hope you stay up…

  • Terrible performance after Leicester City scored the second goal the villa players gave up no fight. Everyone talks about when Grealish was injured how we missed him in the squad . The same has happened without McGinn. The next home game against Chelsea McGinn will be in the starting line-up, McGinniesta will be up for it 110% . Deano must play McGinn in a more forward role he has proved it at international level for Scotland as a false number 9 He scored 7 goals in his last 4 games for Scotland as a false number 9 . If Deano plays him in a more deeper midfield role like he was the last 5 games before his fractured ankle injury he will be less effective . Score prediction VILLA 2 CHELSEA 1 UP THE VILLA

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