Lenovo Tab 2 A8-50 hard reset (100% working solution)

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This method is called HARD RESET and will reset your Lenovo Tab 2 A8-50 to factory settings by using a keys combination without requiring the tab to be power on. Use it if you forget your security code, password, pin or pattern, if your Android is running slow or if you have various problems with the tab software.

This method will not upgrade or downgrade the firmware version of your Lenovo Tab 2 A8-50 and it will NOT UNLOCK the network lock. This method does not reset the PIN code of the SIM card. If your tab has been ROOTED this method will NOT UNISTALL the ROOT.

–You do this at your own risk !Make sure your tab battery is fully charged!
–Take your sim card and memory card from the tab before the reset!
–All data will be erased from your Lenovo Tab 2 A8-50 storage, including your Google account, system and app data, device settings, downloaded apps, music, pictures, all other user data, the decyption key for files on the SD card (you cannot use encrypted files on the SD card after you reset your device to factory defaults)!
–Please, if you can, make a backup before!
–Before performing a hard reset, make sure you know your Google login and password.
–If you have Android version 5.1 or higher on your device and you have added a Google account, you might be asked to imput the Google account login and password after you perform o software repair.
–To check the Android version of your device go to Settings – About
–If you cannot provide this information during the setup process, you won’t be able to use the device at all after software repair!

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