Let’s Drive the all new 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer! New subcompact SUV from Chevy – The Trailblazer

GM Korea launched the all new Chevrolet Trailblazer here in Korea on the 17th of Jan. So, we got the all new Chevy Trailblazer with us today. This is a subcompact SUV is actually both designed and manufactured here in Korea. So, let’s drive the all new Chevrolet Trailblazer and see how she does.

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  • 🤮🤮🤮 really chevy come on man all these power house SUVs and yall come out with a smart car will someone please bring back the ss trailblazer 🙏

  • It’s crazy that Chevy went from looks, to looks and the best handling for commuting cars. I really want the trailblazer. But there’s just a tiny bit of things I don’t like. 1. Which would be the back door. I don’t really like the design. I feel like they made it and then slapped the lights in without putting good detail into it. 2. The steering wheel I’m glad that it is different than the others. But I wish that it looked more better in my opinion. 3. I wish that the Bose system had atleast 10 speakers instead of 8 but I’m happy there’s active noise canceling. Does it come with HIDs?

  • Why is it that Korea has the 9 speed but we get the shitty CVTs. I’m tired of CVTs they pull the car weird. And I don’t like the feeling of it when you stop the car and it goes into auto stop with a CVT. It’s annoying. I have a 2019 Malibu LT and I don’t like having a CVT. It’s good for a bit of low speed but it’s annoying. And I don’t like it.

  • Why did chevy skimp on the horn. Why make it sound like the stupid Trax? I love Chevy. I just did not love the trax.

  • This vehicle is, in every way, better than the similarly-priced Trax. If the lower trim models like LS smartly include a heated seat option, this car will sell.

  • I'm excited to see these come to the US. A lot of people complaining about this car, but your review has really sold me on it and I love how it looks

  • That’s a damn car, not a trailblazer…..they should’ve used the old body style and added all new stuff on the inside, that would’ve looked better….idk wtf this thing is….smh👎

  • How about: Let’s not drive the all new 2021 trailblazer, what a waste…..question is, how are they going to change out the LED headlights when they go out??

  • The Trailblazer is a mid sized SUV in Southeast Asian countries. The sales are not as good as its Japanese counterparts though. Even Ford's entry is better.

  • It’s a Trax not a TrailBlazer
    Video is great to watch, but this is basically a Trax. This isn’t what the TrailBlazer was.

  • Yes, thanks for what is the first comprehensive review I've see of this new Chevy. Looks like lots of plusses in a neat, well thought out package. One is always wary of being an early buyer of any completely new model. It will be interesting to see how the three-cylinder engine holds up and performs as mileage is accumulated.

  • Great camera shots of it in action. It's definitely not like the trailblazers of old, but is still a very good looking compact suv. Styled nicely, just should've gave it a different name and it would've been more successful probably. And the 1.3l 3 cylinder is meh seems like, so it could make it limited in sales unless it gets 40 plus mpg.

  • You were flyin around those corners, thanks for the road test 👍. The interior looks a little cheapy with all the plastic. Do you know if they offer an upgraded (leather) interior?

  • That Trailblazer is very impressive… And to me, that's not surprising because it's completely built in Korea… I can guarantee that the American versions of that built here in the U.S. will not come close to being as impressive as this one… I would love to be wrong on this…

  • I wonder if this be more reliable than American Chevy’s? GM cars are the worst. Even if this thing is better than the average American Chevy, the resale value will be much lower than Kia and Hyundai. Would you buy the Trailblazer, Charlie?

  • I’m really interested to see how the new Trailblazer holds up in long run, seeing how it’s manufactured in Korea and not in the U.S. If Hyundai is anything to go off by, I expect the Trailblazer to be very reliable and quality made!

  • Excellent review. I think this is about the only subcompact car I would ever get. Like no joke I'm a mid-sized SUV guy. But if I had to get something brand new and didn't want to go overboard this would probably be it. Been waiting for review on this guy.

  • Im good ill stick to my 12 year old trailblazer SS this new lame excuse od a trailblazer will never amaze me

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