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Learn how to quickly make VLC your default media player on your Android device.

You might have two or more media players installed in your Android device.
If you want to make VLC your default player, go to ant file and play it.
A window will pop up for you to choose which media player you want to use, make sure you choose to always use that option before you tap on VLC as shown in the clip.
default music player
If another media player is already the default, you have to clear the default from the application manager.


5 Replies to “Make VLC the Default Media Player On Android”

  1. Suggested tips do not cause the video to play in VLC (set as default) when opened in Mi File Explorer or GALLERY. Appreciate any workaround to open the video in Media Player (set as default) regardless of the app (file manager, gallery or a 3rd party app) used to access / open it….

  2. Thanks for this. I'm adjusting to my new (Android Nougat) tablet.
    It's worth mentioning that at first it won't offer options for .mkv if the video is on an external drive (USB) for me anyway, I had to copy a .mkv over to the movies folder first. Then when I clicked it I got the player option. 🙂

  3. Doesn't work for MKV on AsusZenpad, because VLC isn't offered as a player for MKV, only MP4, etc.

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