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This Speed Art video is about drawing a Nature scenery artwork some what flat and realistic looking fantasy style artwork. This artwork was done with mostly using pen tool and shapes in adobe illustrator.This type of artwork is suitable for Poster design , home decor, wall paint art, animation design. Theme of this artwork is a scene from a alien planet with a cartoon look with flat design effect . To make the artwork stand out I have used bright and bold colors different than we used to.


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29 Replies to “Making a Scenery Artwork in Adobe illustrator CC | Speed Art”

  1. So just getting started on digital art I have photoshop but my question is why is the art on illustrator usually flat? (Sorry if it seems like a dumb question)

  2. This is the shit I wanna do. Just making and selling prints.

    Probably gonna end up with a shitty desk job and be dead inside tho lol

  3. hey, I hope you are doing good!
    just dropped a new video on my channel
    recreating my childhood drawings using illustrator
    do give it a watch 🙂

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