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How to Revoke App Permissions Without Needing Root [Android]
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In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to manage app permissions on your Android device without using root. This app will inject a wrapper into the coding of your other apps to allow for root-free permission management.

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48 Replies to “Manage Android App Permissions Without Root Access [How-To]”

  1. App is available on the Aptoide store. You can download the Aptoide APK file (make sure install from unknown sources is turned on) and then download the uuapppurifier from their store
    Here is the link :

    Hope this helps

  2. Hi Bro Can u Help me please A game is not starting with A probelem Unable to connect to the server can u fix that plz help my bro

  3. I just tried installing this app from the developers webpage, and my antivirus immediately alerted me that the app was malware.
    Maybe it is safe, but I'm not gonna risk it.

  4. In my HTC in YouTube first video click then I scrolling down the video but the videos are not scrolling down solved please please ………make video on this topic

  5. My G6 with all this I guess most Generation 6.0 + 7.0 phones have this built in now I can allow it notifications or not root anything I want once installed and just have it on Chrome or use it without Chrome the new phones even allow you to put in three different sized screens for what you want or hide the app completely if you don't want nobody in it

  6. umm just use superSu i think it does the same
    give a like if this actually worked out for you 😀 (root permission)

  7. Not sure if the speaker is gay or just thinks it's cool to sound like he's gay. Try using your big boy voice please.

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