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I found a way to make this profitable!


A useful mod site –


Credits – Yazu

John Deere 8000

Polish Pack



Blue/Yellow Wrapper

John Deere Combine

John Deere 7030 series

Bridge Mats

Music by Epidemic Sound

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35 Replies to “MEGA SETUP IT'S WORTH DOING AGAIN! – Goliszew Farming Simulator 19 | Ep 15”

  1. "Hello everybody and welcome back, so we are here, on this map, we are in Poland, and were about to buy a forest."
    Funniest first line to a video I've ever heard!

  2. I thank very much I am quarantined in my house like everybody else! I’m on here to get away from the coverage. So thank you very much!

  3. Daggerwin you do a lot of things for your fans. Do vlogs and things on daggerwin extra thank you take care be safe.✌

  4. When using the Scorpion…your better off cuttin and reversing into the chipper!💯🤘 cuz makes it way faster n quicker!!💯👍 🇺🇸

  5. Spent how much? 🙂 I love that you use different equipment but it's certainly not the way to make money. haha

  6. Okay so about the corona basically he doesn’t want to say anything to upset or offend people ,, welcome to 2020

  7. And here I am, watching your content while isolated at home after contracting COVID-19 from work.
    So thank you for not discussing it, honestly. Thank you

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