Modem Router USB Storage Guide Tutorial

Many modern modern modems / routers have USB ports at the back, which can be used as NAS (Network Attached Storage).

In this video I am showing how to set this up using a TP-Link TD-W8970 modem and a 4TB Seagate Expansion USB 3.0 hard drive.

This works really well and saves you purchasing a dedicated NAS. Seagate also has a utility to set the sleep time of the drive, as well as disable the built-in LEDs if you find them distracting.

Seagate DiscWizard:

Seagate Drive Settings:

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  • My router not so good for this. I tried it and i can't even enter the flash drive with a pc connected to the router itself😂. I'll just stick to my Nas 😁😎

  • I have TP Link TD W9970 and it works fine with ntfs formatted external usb drive. BUT other modem-routers I have tried do not work at all well and cause the drive to flash continuously! Specifically the LINKSYS AC750 X6200 and Vodafones’s Huawei HHG2500 produce this problem. So anyone intending to purchase a modem-router with the intention of setting up NAS drive may be at the mercy of whether their unit will work properly or not. Obviously sticking to tp-link may be a good idea but it would be helpful if the information about how well other modem-routers handle usb attached storage drives was more widely available – eg in review articles.

  • Hmmm,

    I purchased a TP Link AC3200 router and when I tried plugging in my 8tb WD drive it kept giving issues, can't access, too slow to load, random disconnections. I noticed when I tried to access a large blu ray file on it like 30gb+ it simply won't let me. I didn't realize there was the 2tb partition limitation, which seems stupid. My old Asus AC1900 router was able to let me use it fine without issues. I can't believe one has to split up the hard drive into many partitions to use it.

  • Good video. I have a family that uses both apple and Microsoft would both types of computers be able to share this drive? Especially i would be using it for photo storage .

  • Thanks for this. Awesome video. Only one question… Regarding the Seagate options, have you had any issues with the drive not coming back up from sleeping?

  • how do i delete files from the hd? it sais "You need permission to perform this action" these are files downloaded using utorrent. How do i set up permission so i can delete them whenever i want to???

  • What are the read rates? I want to use this to play 2-5GB 2.5hour movies from my Seagate Backup Plus 5TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STDT5000100) on a Raspberry PI 3 running Kodi (LibreElec preferred). Would this buffer constantly or is this possible to do at a decent rate? Was looking at using a TP-Link Archer C7 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router (AC1750). I am guessing the PI will be the bottle neck, but are there any other things I should be looking for?

  • Always too much talk or not enough. Just show how to do something and trouble shoot afterwards for those that just need more than simple instruction. Really the KISS theory is best for tutorials.

  • You should speak English for those of us who don't speak binary. I just wanted to know what the USB's are used for. I'm sure this was an awesome video but I really needed basics.

  • Thanks man. I got my router today and I was like why there is a USB port. lol. but when I watched your video I understand everything. Thanks.

  • please i connet to my main router second router and i want to access my file from another router connected to the lan1 in the main router

  • I am using tplink modem I have same menus you have but when I type on run or file explorer cant connect driver is 500gb need to partition..

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