Most AMAZING Ninja Weapons Ever!

Most AMAZING Ninja Weapons Ever!


Check out the Most AMAZING Ninja Weapons Ever! From shuriken to the katana and other lethal weapons used by ninjas, this top 10 list of coolest weap

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Check out the Most AMAZING Ninja Weapons Ever! From shuriken to the katana and other lethal weapons used by ninjas, this top 10 list of coolest weapons will amaze you!

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9. Black Egg
The ninja were legendary for their “mystical powers”, and one of their most famous ‘feats’ is that of disappearing in a puff of smoke; which led to pop culture and various TV shows and movies using this feat as a “classic ninja move”. So how did they do this?? By using an egg known as the Metsubushi Egg, or, the Black Egg.

8. Ninjato
When you think about a Japanese Sword, your mind is no doubt going to go to the legendary Katana that the Samurai used, and that sword makers all over the world still use to this day. And while it’s true that the ninja did use the Katana themselves at first, the Ninjato is one of their more famous sword creations…or so people claim. Interestingly, there is no physical proof that the Ninjato was used by ninja in Feudal Japan, but, that might have been the whole point.

7. Shuriken
Easily one of the most famous (and most desired) among the Ninja weapons is that of the Shuriken, or the “ninja throwing stars”. But they didn’t start out that way. Rather, they were used as a self-defense tool by many people, but then, the ninja adapted them, and used them for both up close combat as well as projectiles (as seen in infinite amounts of TV shows and movies).

6. Kama
What people often forget, is that while the Samurai are praised for being the “noble warriors” of Japan, not everyone in Japan thought that at the time, and Ninjas were often the oppressed people the “noble warriors” were taking advantage of. This would include farmers, which is why one of the famous weapons of the ninja is the Kama, which is a sickle-like weapon.

5. Kusarigama
The Ninja were never opposed to adapting weapons to their own cause, and the Kusarigama is a great example of that. This sickle and chain weapon was originally for people who would not be allowed to wield a sword, so they could use this for self-defense. The ninja popularized it though, and they got so good with it that they actually grew their legendary status through the use of it.

4. Blowgun
While Ninjas were definitely the enemies of the Samurai, they were also guns-for-hire so to speak. They were more than open to committing assassinations of certain high-ranking individuals, and one of their more infamous techniques for doing this was their use of Blowguns.

3. Ninja Hand Claws
Ninja wore light cloth as their armor so that they would be more flexible, and thus would allow them to get to hard-to-reach places in order to find and end their foes. This sometimes required them to climb high places, and they used Shuko, or Hand Claws, to do just that.

2. Makibishi
It might sound like a fancy name, but the very simple term for Makibishi is spikes. Or in this case, spiked objects that would be left on the ground for their enemies to step on.
This particular weapon shows one of the greatest contrasts between the Ninja and the Samurai.

1. Kunai
If you’re a fan of the anime Naruto, you know all about Kunai. These “throwing knives” were very popular among the Ninja. As they can be used both as tools in the field, and weapons when in a pinch, and they were something that many feel were developed by Ninjas, for Ninjas. Though farmers were able to use this tool as well.



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    This video got it wrong Ninjas did have armor plates and chain mail under a secound lare in there clothing .

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    It 4i was a ninjisu student of a clan for a few years my gift was weapons what I can do if the weapons made to my specs is not funny I can make a shurican circle about a 10ft. Room many times and stop at my feet I make a boomerrag look shityand weak I have a leagal ninja weapon that is five in one all so a tradisanal one. it's a steal walking stick with a hidden Kama blade that can be triggered again to form a short spear it has a cannon breach middle chan to make nunchuks and a conseiled waited grappling Huck on the end concieled as a Handel in two parts so you can use it as a weighed chain weapon or grappling houk for combat or climbing all so with a cannon breach fitting not theaded like a tool for quick action all legal because you have to have skill to use it no springs in the blade just a frick of the rest after you press the release button it's disiened for me as I am disabled from the us army and can't walk without help but I will allways be armed if I can get it made oh and at lest 1and1/4 and thick all the way down to the end with just the weighed end like a steel ball at the other end of the cane and remember it splits in two for the crappling Huck and the steal cane is as thick as a blade one made this will last your life onless you are burned out and lost my house twice so IAM trying to find someone to make it as a prototype for sale as a true ninja weapon that you can sell in California my email is JONCRANGLE1@YAHOO.COM thanks

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    The kusarigama is cooler than the kama

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    Ninja are the coolest

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    Batman is not a superhero…….

    HE IS A NINJA!!!!

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    Ninjato isn't a real weapon it was, a made up weapon for american block bluster movies like American Ninja, . Most Ninjas used small sized, definately not a sword that would rattle around while trying to sneak around.

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    Nin jar toe, I like your vid's, but your pronunciation is shocking. I'm pretty sure your doing it on purpose, because no one can be that bad.

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    This guy's pronunciation is disgusting!!

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    A Ninja  was   The Robin Hood of that era.  Samurai and Ronin  or those who's master had been killed, also  became hired mercenaries.      The Only cool weapon missing is the " Kakute"  or ring knife ( Spike(s)    Great  Video !

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    Ninjas grow up to be killed by Chuck Norris.
    Take care and God loves you.

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    I've seen classmates at a martial arts school I went to use kamas.
    Take care and God loves you.

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    FIRST REALLY I'M FIRST YAY!! By the way I liked the video

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