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if he weren’t so fcking EXTRA we wouldn’t be in this situation
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About ‘My Amazing Boyfriend’ 我的奇妙男友
When a B-list actress accidentally wakes a comatose mutant from his century-long sleep, she finds herself with a socially awkward, super-powered new roommate. But as their relationship progresses from bizarro bickering to something deeper, they discover their fates have been intertwined by a cosmic conspiracy.

Janice Wu
Kim Tae-hwan
Shen Meng-chen
Fu Jia


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My Amazing Boyfriend 我的奇妙男友 | AsianCrush


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47 Replies to “My hot monster roommate is now my fake boyfriend | Chinese Drama | My Amazing Boyfriend”

  1. 🤔🙄😳😅….. 😑

    The discussion on 5'15 and…
    Damm, you're dangerous… 😉

  2. The thought that he looks familiar.
    Oh dear he is the Korean actor in supporting role The Bride of Haebek.

  3. Looool
    Hot guy? This guy looks like a kid in kindergarden with big body. I dont understand why director chose him for this position. Actin tough and cool rly rly doesnt suit him

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