New Adobe After Effects CC 2018 features

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In this free video, we’ll look at the small upgrades Adobe has released in Adobe After Effects CC 2018, I’ll also include some upgrades you might have missed from the Adobe InDesign CC 2017 upgrade. Check it out!

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  • I Like Your Post Thanks For Sharing With US….<a href="">Adobe After Effects CC</a>

  • The most boring features, doesn't excite me at all. Adobe has not created any real useful updates for years, the best stable program they last made was CS6. Adobe has got lazy and money hungry, look at the rip off subscription. Pay for the rest of your life and probably even if your dead knowing Adobe.
    My respect for Adobe has gone, what we need is a developer to get a good program that competes with them so that they get off their lazy ass or go the way of the Do Do. I use the old After Effects and Premiere Pro as the newer versions only have bells and whistles that is just to sell to the new customer, but have no real value to experience people who work with it. How about making the program stable and make it actually faster, and make decent shortcuts that doesn't make the user click on a hundred places just to do something simple.

  • Hi, very helpful videos, thks! I just wanna ask you a very simple things, Is it normal to take 6 hours to render a 4K VR video of 5 mins? or it's just ridiculous….I got a proper gaming PC, GF 1080, all those things.

    but I used AE 2018 to render my 4K VR video, it's around 5 mins, 30 frame per sec, I tried all ways on google, multi-processing blah blah, but nothing changed… it takes 6 hours. FOR GOD SAKE!!! there is no 3D inside, just 2D videos and 2D images.

    May I ask is it normal????

    if this is too stupid, pls help me, I need to submit my work…


  • I would say that there hasn't been a meaningful update for many years as far as I'm concerned. They could fix the bugs it has but that doesn't happen they just create more! I will still be using CS6 as it does what need and I own it. Would love another yearly or monthly bill to pay for the rest of my life, but until Adobe actually innovates, and not just bells and whistles I'll pass. Please Hitfilm keep getting better!

  • I mean its a great video thank you, and useful features for some, but I am slightly underwhelmed by these features. Thankfully there are some very cool plugins available. Waiting for the some breakthrough new feature…… maybe some node based feature along with the layer style setup. That would be very powerful.

  • my mirror edges don’t work since i have ae 2018!! i did it just the same way as i did in 2017 but there is just no mirror effect! it’s just black not like a reflection… i really need that effect.. does anyone maybe know what i can do or what i maybe did wrong? 🙂

  • 6:47 I feel like Adobe should have just built in a converter into After Effects or used an API to convert Excel Spreadsheets – epic fail on their part.

  • Another useless update, but you can be sure there will be a bunch of show stopping, soul crushing bugs in it. This is why subscription software is garbage. You are paying for the new update whether you like it or not, and the don't feel a need to add any real useful features.

  • was expecting a lot more gpu acceleration in a lot more areas. Especially morphing. Very disappointing update.

  • Cool. Thanks for covering those features. Is there a straightforward way to animate between the two sets of points, so the line animates from one city data to the other?

  • how did changed the font style by numbers isn't it always with (light, regular, bold, etc ) .. is it an option, something I have to do Or it just came with the font you use ??

  • Hey man, great video! thanks for taking your time to explain all this… can you tell me why would you use the eval function instead of directly write the whole thing without the eval and the plus sign? cheers!

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