NEW Amazing Texture slider in Photoshop and Lightroom to add or remove details!

There is a new amazing slider in Photoshop and Lightroom that will add or remove some details form your photos.

Have fun!


➤My Photoshop brushes:

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➤Here is the list of equipment that I use:

Tablet that I recommend for beginners:
My Super awesome camera bag:
Camera for tutorial recording:
Microphone for tutorial recording:
Wireless microphone system:
My MAIN camera:
Second camera:

Drone Mavic 2 Pro:
GoPro 2:
My Everyday camera bag:


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  • Hello! As always your classes are very helpful! But can You help me with one moment, with a woman and her house from 3.10 min. How do hairs match the house shape is there some specific methods? Stamp and blending options? Thanks!

  • man ur works are so mind blowing, dude you are creative beyond words. all ur works are just crazy and insainly awesome.

  • Nemanja jako mi se sviđa ona žena 3:20 s kučom na glavi. Čemo jednom vidjeti video tutorial kako si to uradio? 🤓🤠
    Hvala za super video!👍

  • Can someone PLEASE demonstrate tools like liquify and texture slider using an old white guy's beer gut or removing a man's liver spots rather than ALWAYS using an image of a woman and her wrinkled skin and bags under her eyes?? Seriously.

  • Really useful tool and amazing results! Thank you for sharing againg, it's really helpful to have people like you in these days. 🙂

  • Hi Nemanja. Silly question…. How are you switching between photos when they don't appear to be open in tabs?

  • 👍Great instructive post, Nemanja. Good advice about saturation (not mentioned in most other channel posts about this slider), and solid examples. Looks like texture is clarity on decaf😀. What I don’t understand is why (at about 3min) in vid the histogram clipping indicators came on when you moved the texture slider.

  • Great channel i personal wish, u could teach video editing as well. especially the ones u always do in your intro's.

  • Hi, is turning down the Texture slider will decrease the noise and turn it up make the images look sharper?

  • This is a really great channel, I love it and I love its educational content for apps….. Everytime I watch one of your videos, I learn something new and I also have an educational channel for apps like picsart;snappesad and more …. so You can see them ;)❤️😀

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