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Nightcore – Marshmello & Anne-Marie – FRIENDS – Lyrics / Lyric Video
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➥ Original Title: Marshmello & Anne-Marie – FRIENDS
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  1. That is a silly music they are singing right now two of them you have to stop right now you can’t do this to music that’s all for thousand 15 music like that you have to stop right now OK if you like it you can sync you let’s do it that’s my mom talking don’t do anything that’s not know her never mind but you have to stop you can send it to other people say don’t sing like that OK

  2. I have to work for school and art class 24/7 and it‘s really frustrating but your nightcore music makes everything way easier. Thanks for your awesome work I love it ❤️

  3. ╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗

    ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ x x

    ║┏┓║┏━╣┗╣┗╣ ╰ ║


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  5. My childhood in 2010 :

    I was one of the most fearless, respectful, savage, and friendly, strong bois. I was 6 at the time

    Had a neighborhood close female friend named Samantha. Is the same age as me.

    I would constantly have a sleepover at her place and sometimes at my place.

    There was sometimes storms and every time the thunder clapped, Samantha would just get close to me with that scared face hugging me. I would just calm her down= hug her and rub her back and slightly brush her hair.

    There was one time when I was walking with Samantha talking about the GameCube
    And I told her about the glitch in super smash bros melee where you could use master hand. Fucking dog came out of nowhere and jumped on Samantha just bitting her shirt

    I got my bike and threw it at the fucking dawg. Wouldn't budge

    I just poked his eyeball and he screamed and ran away

    Samantha was bleeding from her leg.

    I took off my shirt and tied it around her wound and gave her a piggyback ride back to her house. I had my tank top on.

    She would just hug me and we would play the GameCube racing each other
    In Mario cart double dash.

    In second grade we were 9 at the time then I was walking out of class.
    I knew how to fight on my own. I was walking out of class when class was dismissed I saw Samantha getting bullied by one of my classmate boys and she was on the floor crying with her scrape on her knee that the boy gave to her when he pushed her hard.

    I clenched my fists hard and right before that boi was gonna kick her, I grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him back causing him to fall back to the floor by surprise. Jumped and landed on his stomach with my knees pinning him down. I punched him like 6 times or 7 then dragged his a$$ to the wall. Picked him up by the head and BOOM, slammed his skull hard on the wall and said don't you ever EVER FUCK WIT MY BEST FRIEND AIGHT SCUMBAG, kicked him right on the balls. Fucking kid cried reel badly in pain.

    I come back to Samantha with everyone backed off away from me and this is how dis sht sounded:

    Joshie=my nickname that Samantha gives me: you alright Samantha? come here, it's ok I beat him

    Samantha: sad crying face with a slight smile nods

    Hold on tight

    Carries Samantha

    I start walking…

    Joshie: hey Samantha want to get some ice cream?

    Samantha: smiles

    I head to Frostys, ordered 2 ice cream cones for me and her

    We start walking to the park on the swings just licking our icecreams.

    After some minutes, we start heading home,


    I start heading to my room and saw Samantha lying down on my bed.

    She asks me to sleep with her on my bed I say okai

    I put on a movie I don't remember what it was but after the movie I start laying down starring at the ceiling when all of a sudden
    Samantha gets right on top of me covering me and her with my blankets

    Samantha: I'm afraid of what's going to happen to me Joshie I'm scared buries her face to my chest

    Joshie: Samantha, no matter what happens, I'll be there by your side protecting you.

    After some years. Now in 2019,

    Im in 8th grade and I have a crush on Samantha and I barely realized it that I always had a crush on her.

    I'm still afraid of what's going to happen when I tell her

    I don't wanna lose the friendship but I also love her. I don't wanna get turned down like a fucking loser don't wanna fuck everything up about what I have with her. She's the only person who is special to me.

    After a few days…..

    I made up my mind to straight up tell her. Earlier she said that she was at the professors room

    But no response now

    I'm walking nearby an ally near the school

    I've gotten a lot stronger.

    I hear a faint crying far in the ally deep in the ally

    I go to the ally.

    Then the faint crying was Samantha.

    Stop IT!!! take it out!!!!

    It hurts!!!!

    I see Samantha getting fucked by the professor from earlier with her breasts hanging out being grabbed by him

    The professor doesn't notice me

    Samantha saw me

    I start walking faster

    Got close enough

    shoves the professor a few feet away with my foot

    THE FUCK Is Your problem man!!!!!!!

    Kicks the professor


    And you didn't


    TAKE THIS!!!

    launches heavy punch

    Lands on his stomach

    I kicked the side of his head giving him a concussion

    He gets up and tries to punch me

    I punched his fist and got his head


    Heavy punch

    Hears skull crack

    Kicked him right in the nose causing him to fall to the floor unconscious.

    I walk back seeing Samantha all surprised

    I catch my breath.

    Then said: are you alright Samantha?

    Samantha: crying to me hugging me

    I'll always be there for you.



    There's something that I always wanted to tell you

    scratches head

    I….. I love you

    I want to be closer to you

    looks away in embarrasment

    Samantha: I love you too Joshie

    Me: starts crying


    plants face on her chest

    I felt something soft and realized

    I touched her breast by accident

    Me: oh….. By the way you have the best looking breasts.

    Hold on…

    Samantha: realizes

    covers her breasts and blushes

    Joshie: it's alright Samantha I already saw them and here you go.

    Gives dark red hoodie

    Samantha: puts on hoodie

    Joshie: there you go

    I'm just glad you're ok

    Samantha: want to watch a movie with me at night and have a sleep over like we used to?

    Joshie: you mean it?

    Samantha: nods

    Later on at night…..

    We start watching "lights out"

    In the middle of a jumpscare

    Samantha jumps and comes to me hugging me

    Joshie: gets a blanket

    Covers Samantha and myself

    If you want, you can use my lap as a seat.

    I lay down with my leg spread out and Samantha laying down between my legs and using my pillow as a pillow on top of my stomach

    I start slightly rubbing the side of her face softly and slightly brushing her hair with my fingers

    It made me feel less lonely

    After the movie,

    I head over to Samantha's bed and lie down

    I scoot over to make space for Samantha.

    I lay down starring at the ceiling thinking about something.

    Then I ask her:

    May I cuddle wit you?

    Samantha:come here

    gets my head

    *brings my head close to her chest feeling those softies on my face andi used them as a pillow and fell asleep.

    I felt better the next day

    I am Joshie

    I was born with luck.

    I wish you gud luck to you all…………

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