Nightcore – Merry Litmas – (Lyrics)

Nightcore – NEFFEX – Merry Litmas – Lyrics / Lyric Video
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merry Christmas x2
coming from NEFFEX yea just put this on ya wish list
merry Christmas x2
whippin in a foreign santa turn it to a litmass

got me feeling down
cuz my stocking full of coal yea
had a bad year man
I’m sick of getting old yea
wanna stay a kid
and I love it when it’s cold yea
this that time a year
I can act 10 years old
I know that this year he fin get me
I know Santa coming down my chimney
I hope that he isn’t mad about me
this year I been messing up my kidney’s

merry Christmas x2
coming from NEFFEX yea just put this on ya wish list
merry Christmas x2
whippin in a foreign santa turn it to a litmass

I’ll be okay
left some cookies on a plate
think the milks a little late
past the expiration date
but I think I’ll be okay
homie switching out my name
from the naughty and the shame
to the nice side of the page
I made some mistakes that he won’t like yea
but you know I still wanna get a bike yea
and you know I want that skin on fortnite yea haha
made a list and I ain’t never check it twice yea

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