Ninh Binh: Bai Dinh Pagoda & Night market (Pho di bo)

We arrive in Ninh Binh guys with a lot of good spot to show and info for your futur trip in Vietnam!

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  • I'm willing to try different foods of different cultures nut I got an egg that was all black feathers in the shell,I nearly passed filled the shell an had a very bad oder,di these quail eggs before cooked? Thanks..awesome scenery

  • When Takyo and Jade go to food markets you better know you are going to be HUNNNGRRYY for the rest of the vlog!!! hahahaha <3

  • Jade you are pro- vietnamese street foods girl👍🏻 when it comes to the snails dishes I’ve always wonder how do they(my 👭 friends) do it haha the snails are so small and tons of them in a dish and my friends they just like.. slurp on it haha. Looking forward to your next trip👍🏻

  • Wow you guys 👍🏻 Bái Đính is on my list for my next visit.. my mom keep telling me about how marvelous it is,this temple used to be the biggest Temple in Vietnam and hold many records in Southeast Asia-Asia before the new Tam Chúc Temple opened this year. Great video ❤️

  • Wax on wax off? Funny. Beautiful temple. Very interesting segment on food. I don't think I have the patience for snails but very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow! The view from that towering temple is amazing! Interesting food. The small egg kinda reminds me of a miniature balut from the Philippines. I'd figure eating those snails would make you slow ha, ha.

  • When it is time to visit Vietnam we will just revisit your videos and somehow plan to visit the many fine places that you go to. Wonderful experiences!

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