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One of the most beautiful landscapes in Vietnam is in Ninh Binh Province, and it’s even more amazing from the sky. While living here for about a week we were able to capture the beauty of all of the mountains, rivers, and temples Ninh Binh has to offer.

If you enjoyed this, make sure to check out our Ninh Binh vlog here! —

Aerial showcase in no particular order:
Tam-Coc, Trang An, Hang Mua, Bai Dinh, Bich Dong, Phat Diem Cathedral

Interested in what gear I use? I got you:

My main camera (pride and joy) –
Favorite lens –
Microphone –
My drone–
GoPro Hero 7 –




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  2. I asked for your permission to use the clip for our school project and thank you so much for letting us use this !! Here is the teaser of the project :
    Can you give me some opinion about the clip. Thank you so much !

  3. Great filming. 
    Could you share your experience if you require any permit to fly drone in Vietnam? I'm going in a few months, and seems mixed response online. Thanks.

  4. Adam…. this is one AMAZING production! U should upload this to while they are doing their Drone Video of the Week contest! 💵💲💸

  5. Breathtaking! I’m going to Vietnam soon and was wondering on your settings and modes when you fly for shots like this?

  6. It's amazing how you managed to make something so cool out with simple editing and just good old drone flights.

  7. Wonderful job guys, this drone footage is spectacular! Some of the best drone videos I've seen on youtube. Keep making these!

  8. Another amazing drone sequence. I have been enjoying your music selections. And, all of your thumbnails are so great!!!

  9. Ninh binh was so nice! thank for your video, please keep making the next trip in Hue, Hoi an!
    I'm Julia From green peace bungalow 🙂

  10. Wow great drone transitions! I'm kicking myself for missing that pagoda – epic drone shot. Keep it going. Subbd.

  11. Nice flight guys! So cool to see Ninh Binh again, this time from the sky! Haven't been there since 1999! You did a great job of capturing the beauty and brought back some great memoires for me. Keep up the travels and the creativity. Adding our support180!

  12. Awesome drone shots! Those are some sick places to be able to fly the drone around, thanks for sharing with us!

  13. Ninh Binh is very beatiful. I have been there and I post one video on youtube, but not drone video. Now I am using DJI Mavic Pro form 2 months and , if you like, please watch my video drone on my youtube channel. But be informed that they are as perfect as your video. Thanks for sharing and compliments for the editing.

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