Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Ninh Binh, Vietnam Has a Very Short Coastline But Beautiful

Travel To The Amazing Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Ninh Binh, Vietnam Is Located To The South Of The Northern Delta

Ninh Bình is a province of Vietnam, in the Red River Delta region of the northern part of the country.

Ninh Bình is located to the south of the Northern Delta, between the Red and Ma rivers. It is bordered by Hòa Bình and Hà Nam to the north, Nam Định to northeast, Thanh Hóa to the south and west.

Ninh Bình also has a very short coastline abutting the Gulf of Tonkin. The population is 898,500 people. the total area is 1,329.4 sq kilometer.

The ethnic groups include the Viet (also called Kinh group, the Vietnamese ethnic majority), as well as, Dao, Hoa, Hmong, Mường, Nùng, Tày, Thai and others. There are 23 ethnic communities, among which the Kinh account for more than 98%.

Ninh Bình is located 91 km from Hanoi and has both rail and road transport links. Express rail connections with Hanoi in the north and Thanh Hóa and Vinh in the south. Buses from Hanoi’s South Bus Station stop by Ninh Bình; the bus routes parallel and complement the rail route.

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