OBS Studio Tutorial: Multiple Audio Devices (Microphones & Game Sound) | OBS Multiplatform

OBS Studio Tutorial: Multiple Audio Devices (Microphones & Game Sound) | OBS Multiplatform


Welcome to my in-depth course and tutorial series for OBS Multiplatform and OBS Studio. In this series and playlist, you will find OBS Multiplatform

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Welcome to my in-depth course and tutorial series for OBS Multiplatform and OBS Studio. In this series and playlist, you will find OBS Multiplatform tutorials, guides and walkthroughs for OBS, along with some handy tips, tricks, and special plugins that you can use.

In this video, I go over the audio devices configuration within OBS Multiplatform, as well as how to set up and balance multiple different audio devices within OBS to create a more dynamic and high-quality live stream.


►► NOTE!!! This is a VERY OLD video for a now DEFUNCT version of OBS. For a full video course on OBS Studio from 2019, check out this playlist!
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What is OBS?
Open Broadcaster Software is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Supported features include:

Encoding using H264 (x264) and AAC.
Support for Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV) and NVENC.
Unlimited number of scenes and sources.
Live RTMP streaming to Twitch, YouTube, DailyMotion, Hitbox and more.
File output to MP4 or FLV.
GPU-based game capture for high performance game streaming.
DirectShow capture device support (webcams, capture cards, etc).
Windows 8 high speed monitor capture support.
Bilinear or lanczos3 resampling.

What is OBS Multiplatform or OBS Studio?
OBS MultiPlatform is a complete rewrite of the original OBS from the ground up, with the main goals of course being multiplatform support, a more thorough feature set, and a much more powerful API. A very early and simple release is currently available for Mac.

OBS MultiPlatform will eventually support many of the advanced requested features not present in the original OBS, such as multiple stream outputs and scene previewing. It does not have these features in this release.

How much does it cost?
OBS is completely free! Not a dime! There are no subscriptions or licenses, no payments at all. OBS is available to everyone, with source code publicly available on github for anyone to help contribute.

While OBS will always remain free, you are welcome to donate to support our development efforts.

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    can someone tell me how I put 3 different voices into one video? (like 3 different voices from different mics) please tell me ASAP

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    terrible none of these tutorials are good ugh

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    What vst's do you use on your voice?

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    I don't know why but when i open OBS i can't hear discord pls help !?

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    my mic has an airplan engine in it how to disable pls

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    I'm trying to capture audio from my komplete audio 6 sound card and am having no luck! Tips? I'm going dj mixer into sound card into obs..

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    I have multiple input on my sound card, scarlett 18i8. right now im using the 1 and 2 input works, but 3, 4 and other input on the sound card. Im not sure how to configurate to use those other inputs {all input in the same time if possible}. Help Thank you!

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    thank you, you save my life you are the best like and sub

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    HEY,….question…..when i have multiple sources….how do I NOT get the audio to follow video??

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    i cant hear both

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    If people are in my party chat it comes through, but if I’m using the games party chat like playing (COD) it doesn’t pick up that chat even though it picks up all the actual game audio. Any ideas??

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    Mine doesn’t have the mixer setting

  • comment-avatar

    Why is it louder when I talk into the pc?

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    Thank u sooo much for sharing! ❤🌹 although the fix that did for me was; i remembered Sound Settings after you showed yours. Now my problem is fixed! THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU!

    Quick question: what screen recording did you use? T.T im looking for a program that can zoom in like really good!

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    There is lag between voice and video speech in YouTube using OBS . How to solve this?

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    I don’t have a microphone how do I do it

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    Your. Monitor. Is. Fukkin. Thicc.