Oculus Go USB OTG Media! Play movies on Oculus Go from a USB Drive!

In this video I go over how to use external memory with your Oculus go! I’ll show you how Oculus Go USB OTG storage works and how to play videos from a USB thumb drive, ssd, etc. While this has been possible to do for a while, the newest update to the Go allows playing 360 and 3D videos in Samsung VR player! This is a massive improvement.

At the end I overlooked mentioning how to play regular (non 3D 360 etc) video, just open total commander or ES File explorer, click the media you want to play and just select VLC player, works like a charm. This will make sense once you watch the video.

adb files: , be sure the folder is on your C drive!

Total Commander Download:

Aomei disk partition software: (free and easy to use).

JS USB OTG (for reading exFAT & NTFS formatted drives): (This is a paid app, you’ll need to buy it on the Play store on your phone, here’s how to copy it from your phone to your go:

ES File Explorer: (this is the same download link as on their main website:

USB OTG Cable:

Oculus GO USB driver:

Enable Developer Mode:

This is the only way for now to achieve Oculus Go memory expansion. I know Oculus is working on native USB drive support, how soon it will is anyone’s guess…

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  • If anyone has any questions please ask below! I'm happy to help! Have you tried this, how's streaming from a USB drive working for you?

  • great video, in process downloading ur adb file. it went error. please, let me know how to download ur adb files. or let me know alternative way. thank you : )

  • i'm confused.. i have broadband, few routers, wifi and i'm using laptop wireless..

    i want to watch movies & series, oculus go to laptop wireless with usb TB drive (i downloaded many of movies on avi..)

    of course, i tried to put/plug usb in the oculus go to laptop wireless, i download skybox but nothing..

    i tried to watch normal youtube and youtube vr but most it's blocked…. can you help me please expert?

  • Thanks a lot for making this video. But this is a crazy amount of steps and software for such basic functionality. I don't know whether I'll be able to do this and I'm decently tech savvy. I hope they "fix" what should have been out of the box functionality with a firmware update. I mean connecting my Oculus right now is not even loading it up as a USB drive on Windows – and no popup is coming on the Go to accept a USB connection. Again – great video but Oculus should have included this feature from the get go.

  • What if you have a handful of large 360 videos you've produced and there's only room for one at a time on the Oculus Go's internal memory. We have several of them produced and they are all over 4G each. Any suggestions? Ideally, we could use this set-up and play them directly from the usb storage, but since you said it won't play from exFat, then it looks like we are at an impasse, unless I've missed something.

  • Nice video! Thanks. I use Plex to view 3D videos/movies. Needed a way to do 180 or 360 videos. Thanks!
    Update: I just tested it and Plex will play 3D, 180 3D, 180, 360 3D and 360 Videos!! It works great streaming!!!

  • see this is exactly why i don't want to buy any of this new tech. I should be able to just buy the bloody thing and then play what i want or install what i want onto it. I shouldn't have to do any of this "hacking" stuff. I wont be buying it

  • OK download & install 15 different things and pull your hair out trying to mesh them all together.
    Way too much. There has to be a better easier way.

  • alternatively just install DNLA server on your smartphone, put a OTG memory card reader on your smartphone too and cast videos on your Oculus Go.. just tested it works! even with 3D 180 and 360

  • ive tried making my 360 and 180 3D files work until 3am.. until I gave up and tried with Moon Player instead.. suddenly it all plays!! Samsung VR sucks.. keeps crashing

  • HELP! When i put a USB stick on the Oculus GO it asks which app I want to open to run it.. cant move the cursor to choose and most the box is outside the screen view. Can i change default app when inserting usb stick when running Appstarter??

  • Great tutorial, but would have been helpful in the title to mention 4GB file support only. Most I have are 12GB, so this won’t work!

  • Hi . Great Tutorial !!! I am trying to adapt a VR complement named Cybershoes by USB to Oculus Quest, for it and since I guess that Quest will have similar inputs to Go
    Do you know if I could use your advice to adapt it to Quest? Thanks for your time

  • Well… tried to follow. Appreciate your sincerity, but… not working. Tried the developer portal. No account window comes up after log in. Only get an ADB driver download. On Oculus sit (on phone) is no "additional settings" link.
    Got Total Commander download. Tried download for adb files, though didn't say where to install at. No matter, can't open a .apk file with media, or microsoft store, of apple store, or….

    I only wanted to download old movies from PC.

    Can't even get Samsung app to download/transfer to device.

    I'll just keep using PS4vr. And, after just spending 200, just going to toss this oculus go out. Hey, about how it goes!

  • Isn't easier to just network sharing from your PC settings to your oculus go? The same goes for connecting your phone media from the oculus go gallery/ connect media?

  • Question: first, how do i get the new firmware that lets us use a portable hard drive to stream media from? And second: I only watch 2d movies so do I have to do the sideloading stuff or can I just plug in my hard drive or usb and stream directly? thanks

  • I got this working for 360 videos. Thanks Tyco. Basically just download Samsung VR player. Sideload ES file explorer and Total commander. Open the video with Total commander and play the video with Samsung VR player. Select mono 360 for it to look right.

  • What type of videos can you watch? i mean : MKV,MP4 ???
    I got a lot of vr videos (360 and 180 degrees) from PSVR and i do like to watch them on Oculus GO, so did you tested any? i wonder if its compatible…
    Some websites put directly for GO but those i have i buyed and downloaded as PSVR type only…

    If you can test i would be greatfull
    (sorry if it incomodate you)… i have some porn videos that i got on vrporn, they let you get the trailers to watch on every format,so there i maded a test and PSVR can run gear-vr, but i couldnt test oculus go. As i can see oculus go is more better on quality than PSVR, and i presume that it can run PSVR videos.. if you want and can test downloading one video,it will be great for help me and help others people who have PSVR and want to get an portable vr for watch movies,videos like these..and other stuffs…

    But i dont want to make you download only by this site,i mean i wont force you make it… i only ask if you can.. ok ?
    Thank you my friend,your channel is great!!!

  • Hi! When I select Samsung VR player It doesn't open up to the full screen but it opens within the oculus TV. So I see the unmerged 2 screen view of the app within the inside of the oculus TV. How do I fix this?

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