Oculus Quest/Go Windows SideQuest Tutorial – Install Any APK/Game/Application

Oculus dashboard:


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  • I got a question about casting with oculus quest? What is the easiest way to cast? I seem to have a problem with that. I can't cast to my chromecast on TV (chromecast isn't listed in the oculus app 🙁 )

  • Got sidequest installed no problem but when I plug in my Quest with my USB-A to USB-C nothing happens on my computer and it doesnt show up in my Devices and Drives, any help would be appreciated.

  • Hey man. I downloaded everything but my headset will not connect via a USB to USB c cord that allows data transfer. Could this be a computer problem? I tried different ports and everything but when looking at my Oculus in the computer it says it doesn't have an ada driver. Downloaded that and it still doesn't work. Please help! Appreciate it.

  • I would pay you money to call me and tell me how to get an apk file for a game onto sidequest. I'm SO frustrated!!

  • can you get in any sort of trouble with oculus by doing this? As the developer mode isnt supposed to be used this way (i think)

  • You explained so well man..!!
    But is it like a jailbreak thing??
    Bcos I don’t want to have bugs in the device software later on ..
    Please suggest

  • This works on my OQ (using a mac and iphone) , but when I use OG all appears to work well except the GO headset display doesn't have a ' Unknown sources' entry in the Library, so I can't start the sideloaded app.

  • amazing video! very easy to follow!

    worked with oculus go.

    only problem was i wasnt using the og cable. once i used the og cable everything worked

  • I know this video is a couple of months old. Did Oculus Quest shut down the sideload? I have done everything you showed, yet I do not have the unknown sources option in my library after installing a game through sidequest

  • Really great tutorial!

    But you should consider re-uploading with some censorship since you do show some sensitive information including your IP Address. I really don't want you to get tracked or anything! Stay safe!

  • Hey why do I have question marks next to the apps I side load from side quest store and you have the oculus symbol? It’s driving me crazy cause I just want to know…please help? Thanks.

  • What to do if you are not getting the USB permissions accept screen:

    1. Make sure you are using a data USB C cable. You can test this by plugging in your phone and seeing if you can open the files on it.
    Note: The cable that comes with the quest is only good for charging.
    2. Make sure you installed the adb file. You may want to reboot your PC to make sure the changes are applied.
    3. There is a glitch where your computer thinks the quest is in Dev mode when it isn't. You can fix this by turning off dev mode, turning off the quest, unplugging the usb cable, turning the quest back on, waiting for it to boot and setting the guardian, connecting the USB (wait a moment for your PC to connect), turn dev mode back on.
    Note: You may have to do this once or twice to fix the issue.
    4. Dont use VPNs or Wifi extenders. They can sometimes cause issues.

    When all else fails:
    5. Check out the trouble shooting guide: https://github.com/the-expanse/SideQuest/wiki/I-am-having-issues-Connecting-,-what-do-i-do%3F

  • Sir, I want to sincerely thank you. I am not tech savvy at all, and I have been struggling for weeks trying to figure this stuff out. I am even new to windows as I have had mac all of my life. Your video was the only one that made sense to me. Really thank you

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