OnePlus 7 Pro – How to Unlock the Bootloader, Install TWRP, and Root with Magisk

Root is one of the most popular mods anyone makes to their phone. Sometimes it’s not as easy as flashing a firmware. Today, Max shows you how to root and install TWRP on the latest OnePlus 7 Pro.

Fastboot files:
Install adb and fastboot:

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  • I'm legitimately wondering wth happened to the XDA forums while left. I thought the members gave AF about quality. I rooted my note 8 and other phones. I looked up the tutorials and it's basically unorganized trash with people saying "It's in there" and being trollish in some occasions. Alot of the links don't work. As for the vid. It's trash. It's not step by step and you're all over place. If you do IT professionally I'd hat to be the person who has to learn from you. I get some of what's going on but that's because of past experience. This whole thing is BS. I actually used to look up to you guys. But now… I'm not looking up to people who put out trash.

  • I think i have a solution to all those who get stuck in the bootloader, basically i was stuck then i wiped my whole phone but since i had all the files i just went back and followed the instructions (command line ones starting with the fast boot boot, then boot img then twrp then lastly the magisk file. take not i installed them in the twrp the same order then in the end i had to click a check box that says reboot after you install magisk then i slide the flash button and it all worked out ……i hope it makes sense

  • I've been flashing customs since ZTE Blade back in Android 2.1 days, but man, this tutorial is so convoluted and involves so many steps. I guess I'll switch back to Pixel 4A when it's got a release.

  • Doesn't work for me at all, flash boot didn't yield any results (no errors but TWRP doesn't start) and boot worked a couple of times but most of the time it says 'unknown command'. And when it worked installing twrp also just didn't work. I don't get what is happening but rooting this device seems very strange

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