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It happened…I made the mistake of getting two L.O.L. dolls in the clearance section at Wal-Mart and a new addiction was kick started! I found this Amazing Surprise! set on sale, and wanting to see what the entire L.O.L./O.M.G. world was like, I opted to get it. I hope you enjoy!

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50 Replies to “Opening the Amazing Surprise! Pack”

  1. Hey everyone! I've been getting a lot of the same comments, so I just wanted to clarify some things. Thank you to the people who said that the keys are meant to interlock, and that's why they weren't working–I had no idea! Also, when I said I did not like the "surprise" gimmick, I was aware you knew which OMG was in the package (they have names and silhouettes), I was referencing the LOLs who are concealed and randomized. I made a mistake while filming this and said my Downtown B.B. had saran hair. I had just washed her and used conditioner/diluted gel which made her hair feel heavier. But once it was fully dried the next day and the product was not as rich, I could feel it was lighter weight. In my experience large doll companies do not always use one hair type for an entire doll line. Unless MGA has confirmed they only use the "high quality nylon" I don't know that they all have this hair type. I hope that clears some things up 🙂

  2. These are adorable! My daughters got so into these when they first came out and I would let them pick one out every week when we went to do our grocery shopping at Walmart. We had so much fun with these! (Except for the wasteful packaging, which we can all agree upon, lol.) We don't really buy any new ones anymore, but even now, several years later my youngest (now 7) still plays with the collection we already have. She sets up her dollhouse with all of their accessories and mixes them in with the Barbie story lines, lol. I love photographing them as well. These will definitely be a doll line that I will pack up and save for them when they're done playing so they can look back and and still have one of their favorite childhood dolls. I love the different themes they all have and I think we will be seeing a lot of them start to pop up 2nd hand in the next few years. 🙂 fun video!

  3. I just got my first omg doll 26 dollars plus tax but was a treat it was swag I didn't realize you could pick which one you wanted thought it was a surprise but glad I got her they seem to be super expensive on ebay but don't think I'll get many more maybe one more haha found two lols in the bins today so sure these will also end up there one day but I know they won't have all the accessories

  4. I actually found 4 lols at Goodwill in an lol surprise board game with their outfits bottles and some had some of their accessories.

  5. I’m subscribing you since December and your videos are TV shows for me, I want to live with both of you, beauties 😍😍

  6. All OMG Dolls so far, have nylon hair. I have used a straightener on my Downtown B.B. Doll and she was fine. But Definitely test on a small section of hair, before you go in confidence with a straightener. Luv this Review!

  7. I was wondering if you have ever heard of Galoobs baby face dolls I LOVE THEM the toy designer is awesome google it it lasted from 1990-1992

  8. That 14 doll pack is amazing, I wish I had bought it, Im still looking for it at Walmart and target

  9. Excessive packaging and blind bags! I completely understand your frustration…I can’t believe toy companies are so irresponsible with their packaging. Not to mention that they’re encouraging gambling for children with blind bags. Anyway, so glad you’re enjoying a new doll line! 😊

  10. I love Colleen's idea about re using some of the packaging as gift boxes for AG dolls; that way the excess packaging won't be all waste.

  11. Its the higher grade nylon and its response to heat my snowlicious hair went straight as soon as i put her on hot water

  12. the only OMG doll i want is the big sister for Can Do Baby because she has brown hair blue eyes and i try to focus my doll collection on dolls with brown hair and blue and characters i like.

    I am kind of hoping MGA makes a big sister for fave LOL Doll Fanime

  13. First, do you know how to restring Madame Alexander style dolls? Second, I like these dolls BUT I hate having to unbox them. The newest wave that’s becoming available for pre-order is really stunning. You want to be annoyed by “accessories” though get an Integrity doll where they count the shoes as an accessory lol Which some day I’d love to send the two of one.

  14. I just recently got into these when I found some in the bins ! I really love them ! I still don't like brats have tried for years monster high I didn't like but eventually liked its weird haha THEY ARE SOO EXPENSIVE THOUGH and I don't like the big ones haha

  15. The big sets r all the same dolls so all u do is watch YouTube and u will know what’s in them but the balls and small dolls r usually random

  16. For the omg doll locks the reason the blue one didn’t open is because you combine the two keys together and unlock

  17. You two are so cute opening those dolls!! Love it! I never put mine in water. Lol My kid gets mad at me😂 but I don't want to mess them up. Wondering what kind of shape they're going to be in when they start to show up second hand?. Doesn't matter I'll buy them anyway. Lol

  18. I love the way you styled uptown girls hair I have started to collect the omg dolls I have dollie snowluscious and cosmic nova have you heard about the winter disco line or the new lol omg lights doll line

  19. So cute! I got an lol omg doll on black friday! Seriously the best doll line of the decade the detail and quality is out of this world! Worth the $27 for sure!

  20. The big ones luckily aren’t exactly a surprise. The boxes have their names on them and you can always look up their names and see what they look like or watch reviews before you buy them. I DO see the concern for packaging though.

  21. I’m so happy that you were able to get these! Omg dolls are definitely the best new fashion dolls to hit the market since 2001 in my opinion 🙂

  22. I just collected series 2 and 3 from the "normal" LoL surprise when they came out, the I stopped because there were too many new collections. Then OMG dolls arrived, I didn't like the first series… then I liked the Winter Disco series. And two weeks ago I bought my first two OMG and I love them ahah

  23. i LOVE the lol surprise fashion dolls. they really saved fashion dolls for 2019 haha, i have lady diva i want more in the future especially that set 😍😍

  24. I have three OMG dolls, 24K DJ, Royal Bee & Miss Independent, while I’ve never been a huge fan of the LOL’s, I had to admit I was intrigued by the OMG’s and while not all of the ones released appeal to me much (the styling in a lot of cases is just so over the top) the ones I do like, I love. The main issue I see when watching reviews is the price tag and sometimes the quality. MGA has some fabulous concepts but the execution seems to leave something to be desired sometimes…but well done on splashing out, I definitely endorse you having some store bought fun. 😉🥰🥳

  25. What a cute set! I only have one little LOL figure. My niece gave it to me because she had duplicates. I would by more second hand. It's cool that you were able to get your set on sale. I really enjoyed watching you both open all the boxes and seeing your reactions first hand. –Christina

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