Optimize SSD for Faster Boot Times/Read & Write Speeds

SSD Optimization Tutorial. This video shows you how to optimize your SSD to speed up boot times, increase the read/write speeds and prevent the SSD from degrading in quality over time.

Download Links:

AS SSD Benchmark:

AOMEI Partition Assistant:

Download the free version.

Command for Checking if Trim is Enabled: fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify


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  • I have 2 ssds my main 1 has 500MB/s read, but 200 – 250 write? and my 2nd 1 has 500MB/s read, but only 60MB/s write? also it says "storahci – ok"

  • I have ssd installed on laptop…is it true that ssd doesn't give max read and write speed on laptop? as per specifications the sequential read and write are above 500 but I am just getting around 250? Is it because I have ssd on laptop?

  • The only gripe i have is that he clearly says that 0 = enabled and 1 = disabled which is backwards, 0 does in fact mean Disabled so when he says that you want to make sure it shows zero and that you want it to be enabled then you would actually be disabling it not enabling. So i am confused Modded Warfare…. which is it? Do we want it enabled or disabled?

  • for those who has windows 10 and looking for Superfetch in Services but couldn't find it. Microsoft decided to change its name into "SysMain" so disable it

  • My new Seagate Fast SSD external drive is really slow but only on my computer (read: 33 mo/s and write : 26 mo/s approximately). My mother have exactely the same computer (laptop) same model and the speed is: read: 450 mo/s and write 150 mo/s. I plug the drive in the same 3.0 port on her laptop than in mine. By the way my other external drive (not an SSD) has exactely the same speed
    (read: 33 mo/s and write : 26 mo/s approximately) than the SSD. My hard drive (C:) speed is: read: 100 mo/s and write: 78 mo/s.

    I tried all the four 3.0 ports. The result is the same.

    I'm on Windows 10.
    The model of my laptop is: ASUS Republic of Gamer G751JT-WH71(WX)

    Someone have an idea of what could be the problem? I absolutely need to solve this problem because I have to stream huge sound libraries on that SSD. I would be grateful for your help!

    Thank you.

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