Part 6 – Adding SSH Key to GitHub [Git-ing Started with Git Series]

Do you hate typing in your username and password for GitHub everytime you make a push? Well that ends today because we are going to learn to generate an SSH key for our computer and to attach it to our GitHub account.

You can get all the code snippets here:

Coming Up:
We clone (copy) and fork projects from github to our computer.


Previous Video [Part 5]:
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Full Playlist for the “Git-ing Started with Git” Series:


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  • I changed my password on github and the auth with ssh doesnt work anymore, what should I do add a new key and delete the old one or update the new one? If so can you link me how to do so I have trouble finding that info, thanks!

  • I don't understand, I've never created any ssh key, yet I can commit, clone and push projects into my gitlab without having to enter any password.
    I tried editing and pushing a random projects as I found this behaviour weird, but obviously it didn't let me push the project (cause it is not my project)
    Is there any way I could have linked my gitlab account to my local git without realising it? x)

  • First of all, thank you for telling us the subject in detail, explanatory, beautiful and understandable language. I would like to point out that I benefited a lot as a Windows user. However, I had to investigate some points in several places. Therefore, I have written all the necessary steps for the convenience of other Windows users one by one in this comment.

    Windows users can follow these steps via Git Bash:
    1- $ ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""
    2- $ eval "$(ssh-agent -s)"
    3- $ ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa
    4- $ cat .ssh/
    5- $ ssh -T
    6- $ git remote set-url origin
    7- Then make changes to any file in the repository. Afterwards follow the add and commit steps, respectively.
    8- $ git push –force origin
    **No need to add dollar symbols. It's already at the beginning of the line in Git Bash. I wrote them to avoid confusion.**

    Have an Octotastic Day! (:

  • Still the same "> Permission denied (publickey)." Went over this tutorial many times and checked for errors on my part. Did definetly not help.

  • good day ! Te random art is actually the key sir (or one of them) I'm new to this stuff (studying in school) and they talk a lot of theory and I'm testing a lot of these things on my own to learn I feel so overwhelmed. But there is a rsa key generator program you can download that shows you all the different types of keys and what they look like and I think sha 256 is like near impossible to crack. By no means can I prove this and this was like the last thing i read a while back. There is no telling how long that information is still valid. If anyone knows more please correct me. I want to know all that i can. When i first learned about the tcp handshake and (this is what I am trying to understand in depth) There were a lot of things about different Key generations that I had questions about.

  • So helpful man, thanks! I have a question, what if I have 2 github accounts, e.g enterprise and personal. Could my pc has two ssh keys stored?

  • Mine is still asking me for my username and password. Every command seemed to work fine… Any suggestions on where should I look at? Thanks in advance!

    PS: I reopen the terminal before cloning the repository I want (I ended up typing the username and password).

  • https clones will always ask for login. I had to clone my repo again using ssh after adding the key to github before I was allowed to push without credentials. I believe this issue is resolved in this guide
    Although I didn't see this before cloning a fresh copy of my repo.

  • $ eval $"(ssh-agent -s)"

    3 [main] ssh-agent 4860 child_info_fork::abort: C:Program FilesGitusrbinmsys-crypto-1.0.0.dll: Loaded to different address: parent(0x860000) != child(0x840000)

    fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

    what does it mean?

  • i had to set up a config file to make this work. I think you forgot to cover that.
    User git
    PreferredAuthentications publickey
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa

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