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The Pendoo X10 Max Amlogic S905X2 Quad Core 4K TV Box is a TV box built on the latest Amlogic hardware and software. I tested this box in every possible manner and I have the following to report on its performance.
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(((Pendoo X10 Max Hardware)))

Games Played in the video:
FIFA16 UT – 24:20
Gear Club – 25:09
PUBG – 25:44
Dead Effect 2 – 26:19

CPU – Amlogic S905X2 Quad Core 1.7GHz
GPU – ARM Mali G31 
Internal Storage – 64GB eMMc
WiFi – Dual Band 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz 802.11ac
LAN – 100Mbps
Bluetooth – 4.1
1 HDMI – 2.1
1 USB – 2.0
1 USB – 3.0
1 Optical Audio SPDIF
1 AV Port
1 Micro SD

(((Operating System and Features)))

The Pendoo X10 Max runs on Android 9 Pie operating system on the mobile version of Android. It sports the following features.

Root access (Root Switch)
DRM Google Widevine Level 3 No HDCP protection
Customizable Launcher
Navigation Bar
Limited Status bar
4K 2160p 60Hz
Dolby Vision
DTS Audio
HDR Display
Alternative Launcher capable
Keymapping capable
Netflix / Amazon Prime STD quality 480p
APK / Kodi streaming ready
Miracast / Airplay ready
Remote control App for cellphones
OTA Updates


Antutu – 60,197
Geekbench 4 – 745 Single-Core | 2122 Multicore
Ice Storm Extreme – 5479
Sling Shot – 524
RAM Copy Speed – 3371 MB/s
ROM Read/Write speed – 82 MB/s  Write 75 MB/s
WiFi/LAN Speed – Max speed on 5GHz |  2.4GHz 20% below Max | LAN Port 68% below max

It’s not the total ultimate TV box but it does a really good job far better than some of the Rockchip models we are seeing being released on the market. To me, Amlogic is back this year with a bang and the Rockchip boxes are playing catchup. Would I recommend the Pendoo X10 Max as a dood TV box to purchase? After careful consideration and personal introspection, I would recommend it based on its solid performance in 4K video playback, Dolby features, free movie streaming capability, and outstanding 3D gaming performance.

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30 Replies to “Pendoo X10 Max Amlogic S905X2 Quad Core 4K TV Box Review”

  1. I bought one pendoo x10 Max on Amazon but the settings options look very different and no root. In about menu I see MODEL: X10MAX-R… Frustrated.

  2. was all ready to purchase this box off of your comprehensive review until i noticed this! the box you are reviewing has an amlogic s905x2 processor, but the one i'm looking at on amazon ( is showing that it has a rk3318. they are both shown as being pendoo x10 max boxes. what's up with that and would the one with the rockchip processor be as good as the one in your review? ……………….thanks!

  3. Hey dude, just received this very box and it might seem obvious but I'm unable to use the remote. I configured the grey-lined buttons alright but it's just unresponsive to navigate the UI. Also, it doesn't recognise the ethernet cable I plugged. I was wondering how I could troubleshoot it.

  4. This is a great Android Box, but right now Amazon has it for about $68 dollars and my TR99 has the same CPU for only $40 bucks, just saying…

  5. I didn't understand anything in this video and it was a waste of my time! I just received my box yesterday and I'm trying to learn how to set the time! The time shown on the box is four hours earlier than the actual time! I don't understand most of what was stated in this video! I want to learn how to use my box and this video didn't provide any answers!! 😡😡

  6. Can you compare pendoo x10 max and n5 max x2? Why x10 max look better on chart( n5 max x2 has 1000mb on lan)

  7. this looks promising too i'm logging all these boxes that you are reviewing plus i like the fact that the ram is more than 1 or 2gb of internal storage it should run smooth,thanks for you time.

  8. Dolby audio capability .. Key mapping feature.. Internal Memory increasing capability are some of the reasons I'm buying s905x TV boxes.. Recently allwinner h96 max mini also terrific have key mapping option but no dolby digital s905x TV boxes the sound from downloaded media played through vlc player anyone can feel the difference in terrific audio quality remarkable

  9. Great review, seems to be a bargain budget box perfect if you're only interested in streaming. Launcher looks good too.

  10. the link you posted is to a different tv box, its not for the pendoo x10 max : ( , Link brings me to X96 mini box. Also don't see any coupon ..?…

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