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hey guys, in this episode we are in Bohol visiting some of the amazing churches you guys have here! make sure to like, comment and subscribe and we will see you all soon!


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  1. Idk if it's just a Filipino thing or somth but they say when it's your first time being inside of a church you get 3 wishes after the mass.

  2. How about going to PAGUDPUD. It's a very long drive from manila. Take note of the majestic (i should say) scenery going there. You can have a 'pit stop' in VIGAN for some food. Lots of surprises going there!!! Please give it try and always take care, all of you. God bless and God speed!

  3. One Church in Loon, Bohol considered as one of the "World Heritage" by UNESCO unfortunately collapsed as 7.2 earthquake shook the island of Bohol last quarter of 2013.

  4. DAUIS, is the birth place of my late mother, when i was a childhood we always play at the back of chuch hehe i remember was before hu huh huh…!!! Thank you guy's love you..!!!

  5. youve missed Anda Bohol old church and Anda de boracay beach , cabagnow cave mystique island and etc. its a long drive two hours from tagbilaran city but you can stop for a while catching nice view along the road

  6. Thank you so much nice guys for sharing to us those beautiful churches. I strongly suggest for you to witness a church wedding where I think you would be amazed with the way the Filipinos do their different if not unique style of tying the knots.

  7. Try to visit the PANAY CHURCH home of the ASIA's largest Bell and one of the Oldest church here in Western Visayas Region in Philippines

  8. Watching all your content.😀 and also watching the ads just a return of appreciating the Philippines. Love from the Philippines 😄❤️❤️❤️ And also Manaog is a pretty massive church its so beautiful and u can actually feel the Holy spirit. Every negative vibes will be released.😀 Sorry im not good at English.

  9. The Philippines have the oldest Catholic churches in Asia. Those churches you guys have visited have stood since the spanish colonial era.

  10. If it's your first to time to go in those Churches Knock three in the the door times and pray and say your wishes. Especially for good health. 😇😇😇😇

  11. Yes, i agree with you, great vid. I filmed an ancient church in Manila yesterday, they are amazing.

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