Problem Wifi Resolved on Linux Mint 19

Problem Wifi Resolved on Linux Mint 19

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On this video , I will show you how to resolve problem Wifi on Linux Mint 19 step by step


sudo lshw -class network
echo “options 82540EM fwlps=N” | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/ 82540EM.conf

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  • Thanks man that was helpful
    here is how i did that
    1- Go to File system > etc > pm > config.d
    2- Open ( config.d ) directory as root by right clicking on it
    3- Created a file with a name > conf

    4- Open Terminal (ctrl + alt + t) and type ( sudo lshw -class network ) it give me the following info
    ( product: QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter ) Yours will be different depending on your connection.
    5- Copy the first code ( QCA9565 ) and paste this in the file that you created ( conf ) and close it
    Back to terminal
    6- ( echo "options PasteCodeHereToo fwlps=N" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/PasteTheSameCodeHere.conf ) Press Enter
    7- When you see ( options TheCodeYouHadEntered fawlps=N ) this you have done it right.

    8- Restart your PC 🙂 Like this comment if it worked for you.

  • no one could read this or see what you're you're moving too fast. This video is useless

  • I installed January 2018 linux mint to 10 years laptop, and it caught wifi just like that. I just have to selct connection and give password. Now after installin Linux Mint Cinamon 19.2 to laptop (2 years old) nothing works. It is amazing.

  • How can this possibly help wifi ? Every command is wrong and all that shows in lshw results is an ethernet device, no wifi at all. The product name is meaningless, fwlps is a module parameter option for Realtek wifi not for some Intel ethernet card

  • are you disabling the network card? and if yes what are you going to use later on when you need to connect via hard wire?

  • Dont know if this is the cause but after trying this i have problems with my wifi on other devices that previously worked just fine (phones, desktop using tp link wireless) . Sometimes it works and sometimes it just connects and gives an exlamaition mark on android phones. Anone know what that could be ?

  • Please copy the terminal text into the description since your screen video is so fuzzy, and your instructions will be much more useful! 😉

  • this video has helped me to solve the problem. BUT i suggest you MT SOFTWARE to improve the way you deliver the information. thanks anyway

  • I have followed all the steps you have mentioned in the video but after rebooting my laptop it works for 30secs and the again slow internet problem occurs.

  • Probably works, but a bit old-school and probably not necessary. I loaded Linux Mint 19 alongside Windows 10. No wireless connections were shown as available so I connected via cable. I ran Driver Manager from the main menu. It updated its cache then identified my Broadcom wifi card with a suggested driver. I OK'd that driver, Linux used it then rebooted, and my connection was shown when Linux restarted. Popped in my wifi key… and here I am on Linux via wireless!

  • MT Software, PLEASE redo this video with explanation of EVERYTHING you are doing in a higher voice and bigger windows to see as you go, so we can do this!!!

  • Why is setting up Wi-Fi on linux mint such a chore. I've been through so many forums and videos claiming that they have the solution. But it never works.

  • can someone tell me what particular problem was solved? Maybe I also need to solve it,  coz I have mint19, wifi and have problem… 🙂

  • mine reported a mistake what to do
    sim@sim-Lenovo-ideapad-110-15ISK:~$ echo "options RTL8101/2/6E fwlps=N" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d RTL8101/2/6E.conf
    tee: /etc/modprobe.d: Is a directory
    tee: RTL8101/2/6E.conf: No such file or directory
    options RTL8101/2/6E fwlps=N

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