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You need to add:

‘uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE” /’

to your Android Manifest (file named AndroidManifest.xml) below the manifest tag and above the application tag. This gives your app ability to write to external storage.


11 Replies to “Push files to emulator Android Studio”

  1. Hi, may I know anyone able to solve an issue adb push failed for a file? It can't copying files such as image into emulator from Desktop.

  2. Thank you for uploading this video. I have been searching for hours. Also, this might be helpful to others but I had to completely switch off the emulator and reopen it to see the audio files.

  3. Its good that you uploaded this video,i had the same problem,somehow i created a new virtual device and left it running after googling for so many hours

  4. For persons that get an error when they try to run the Android Device Monitor.
    If the SDK manager does not start

    Symbolic directory may be needed.

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