QUEUE vs EXPORT: What's the difference? (Adobe Premiere Pro & Media Encoder CC)

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  • I have used Adobe Premiere Pro for years now and have queued and exported for my files and I still can't find one advantage to exporting. I have always wondered if there was one. Is the quality better when you export? Is it done faster than if you queued? cause if its the same quality and speed then why wouldn't you que all the time cause exporting paralyzes you from working on premiere again until its finished when you que you can continue to work and you can do multiple files like you said. Just something I have always been curious about

  • Love the video, very informative! Do you know why when I export in Premiere Pro, I get two files (m4v and mp4) but when I export from Media Encoder, it works fine? It sucks because sometimes when I export with Premiere, it may take an hour (4k footage) and once it's done, the files are corrupted. Any information on this would be helpful. Thanks Justin!

  • Nguyễn Đình Bảo

    May I ask a question? I want to export a video of size 24,000px x 9000px, how about the Media encoder, can you show me please? thank you!

  • Thank you so much for this video. I have a doubt. Do we have to keep Premiere Pro running or we can close it after queuing?

  • Can anyone tell me if newer versions of media encoder are compatible with older versions of Premiere Pro? I still use Premiere Pro 2017 because I'm tired of all the pointless updates and I'm trying to use media encoder 2018 but when I hit que nothing happens and also when I already have media encoder opened and try to que a file.

  • Hi Justin, please, i created a promo with after effects in cervical, but in media encoder add a black rectangle, how can i fix it.

  • Thank you man i was trying to do Queue and i had the error media encoder is missing. and then i realise i had to press export thanks that Picture saved me.

  • Hi Justin, I was wondering what the media encoder was for, thanks for explaining! I do have a question, if I make a 1 minute video and I need it chopped up into roughly 4-5 pieces, somewhere between 10-15 seconds per chop. How would you do that? The video contains multiple pictures, so it's not like I can precisely pinpoint it's end like in your video

  • Hey bro, your videos really inspires me to study video editing, but my biggest concern is where can I get video clips to use. I have special condition so I am not able to make my own video clips. If you or someone there knows where I can get it I would highly appreciate it.

  • Hey Justin, I was using Media Encoder quite a bit until I realised it was rendering out a slightly different grade to what I had done in Premiere. Have you noticed anything like this?

  • I don't usually use the adobe media encoder to export videos. But to export multiple videos during an event I use it.

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