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I totally forgot to mention that there’s an accompanying blog post to this video that goes slightly more in-depth into my thoughts on the seasons (and is probably worded just a bit better), so you can check that out here:

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23 Replies to “Ranking the Cycles of America's Next Top Model”

  1. I agreed. Cycle 7 is also my personal fav with the best models especially Caridee and Melrose. And the final runway show for me is the best among all cycle.

  2. Best photoshoots/judging: seasons 7, 11, 16 (Love that bee challenge)
    Best cast: 9, 12, 22 (The seasons with the most talent imho and the most misfits)
    Worst photoshoots/judging: seasons 2, 17 (Sorry, I found season 2 challenges to be a little bland)

    Worst cast: 19 (forgettable overall, desperately lacking in personality)

  3. Cycle 7 is really what a definition of diversity. I remember every single person in that cycle and the only cycle that the fight seems set up, the bothersome is just that Monique. Other cycle just full of bitches

  4. Lol this is a horrible list (for me at least). I guess we really just have a huge difference on our opinions 🙂

  5. I don’t agree with all of this but this is a great video. Cycle 7 is definitely the best and 6 and 3 are close behind for me 🙂

  6. Is cycle synonymous to the term ‘season’ as well? (Sorry for the dumb question, I just recently started watching antm)

  7. I stopped watching after cycle 16, but I LOVE 5-7 and 13. Least fave: 14, 10 and I'm sorry but 11 was so boring to me.

  8. I personally looooved cycle 20. It was one of the best I guess, but it's your opinion, I ain't judging, just sayin
    And I would have put the season 19 literally in the very bottom and even lower 😀

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