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After Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson update us on their coronavirus treatment, Carlos Bustamante and Graeme O’Neil how stars like Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, Octavia Spencer and Trevor Noah are reacting during “ET Canada Live”.

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22 Replies to “Reaction To Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's Coronavirus Diagnosis”

  1. Can't believe Tom Hanks is pulled into the BS drama saying he's part of the pedophilia Oprah bullshit said Oprah Tom Hanks has been arrested that's fucking crazy

  2. After 911 Rosie O'Donnell called 10 people asking them to donate $1mil.
    They all told her "NO".
    I always believed that Tom Hanks was one of those people. They acted together in Sleepless In Seattle and A League Of Their Own.

  3. I remember as a little girl.. seeing Tom Hanks makes it in Hollywood.. I used to watch him on bosom buddies.. dresses 👗 up as a women to save money 💰 on rent and work in America.. hmmm 🤔.. I had huge respect ✊ for him.. now.. I turn my head..

  4. I have the copyright about the coronavirus….if someone use the name coronavirus he have to pay me…..I hope I make everything clear…
    R.I.P Tom Hanks you gone to early…we will miss you 😭

  5. Absolutely love the fakeness from the anchors and the people that talked. Wow. So inspiring. I think I'll wash my hands now

  6. Ridiculous, if Tom Hanks can get us through this??? Why would you think that if their fine we will be fine. Trust me, the general public won’t get the care their receiving. It’s happening in Italy. They have to decide who lives and who dies and do you think they would save you or l before Tom Hanks. Unless your Brad Pitt maybe?

  7. It's great they have posted these updates. For all those in a panic, just to show there is no need to be. For the VAST majority of us, this virus will be fairly innocuous. Just be careful and halt the spread to those who will be massively impacted by it.

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