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Test sd clone of original navi sd.

Who doesn’t understand russian:

I describe how to read CID of SD card.
Before that I ordered SD card with special CID in China.
And after received SD card I tested this SD card in this video.


22 Replies to “Read CID of SD card for order SD Clone (Create Mazda Navi SD clone)”

  1. Very nice job! Can you help me to get this device sd reader & writer please? Thanks

  2. Hello I have a question sorry my English is not good can you clone micro SD card?
    Give me info to my email address please.

  3. Interesting. Congratulations for your work. But it is much easier to read the CID on an Android phone using the Micro-SD-CID-Reader application. For SD cards you can use an adapter cable from SD to microSD.

  4. I am interested in purchasing such a programmer to read and write on a clean SD CID. I am asking for information on

  5. можете отправит образ (клон) sd card nissan leaf 2016. спасибо.

  6. Hello, can You tell me the name of this device and the name of this program??Best Regards my mail

  7. Can you tell me where I can buy this device and the program that supports it? Regards, my mail

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