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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 “The Guy Who Gets A Hickey” (REVIEW)
In this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model, as the romance blooms between Justin and Mame a huge argument breaks out between Mame and Haddasah. The guys and girls are challenged to a photo shoot that will have no re-touching in the photos, which causes insecurity amongst some of the models.

ChristineDoesDrama breaks it down the latest episode of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22!

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5 Replies to “(RECAP) America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 "The Guy Who Gets A Hickey (REVIEW)”

  1. this cycle I don't like any of them except for Lacy lol idk I feel almost like they all selfish love your job btw 😆

  2. YEEESSSS!!! My girl Lacey finally got her well deserved and already delayed best photo!!! #TeamLacey.
    I'm done with Devin and Mikey I can't really stand either of them, although in pictures Mikey is better. that whole DMA thing, ugh, but Ashley seems cool.
    I agree with you on Bello vs Mikey, I'm starting to kind of like Bello, I love his pictures, not so much him, but his pictures I love,
    I agree Nyle is getting boring in pictures but it's like I said before, they are making him like the Matthew of this cycle, Matthew was lame in the cycle but in the real world he's amazing. Justin is also getting boring-ish. I hope they both do better.
    I loved Mame's picture but I personally thought Lacey did better, regardless of the challenge. I'm interested in seeing her next week in the possessed photo-shoot w/the contacts on, I feel like she might look like Eugena's evil photo they did with Tyra in Cycle 7.
    Hadassah, I don't care for that girl, I really don't, I was done with her ages ago, and she's gonna have trouble again with Yu Tsai next week, at the photo shoot., according to the trailer. I was sad Dustin went home, but as long as she leaves next week, I'll be happy.
    Mikey's photo, he looked like a girl, from the neck down, funny his hair wasn't the feminine part it was the body.
    Devin, I said before, I don't like that guy, still don't like him, hope he goes home soon. This photo they were athletes so he couldn't do all his bizarre hand gestures but I hope he keeps doing them, so they eventually send him home. They overpraise him every single week.
    Ava, I'm not very fond of, I liked her picture but honestly, I hate her hair, I can't look past it, although I think she looks much taller, even in person, which is good.
    Courtney is not going to win, no way, she's just a filler but she's cute, and needs to gain a little weight.
    Finally Ashley, I don't particularly care for Ashley I know she won't win either but she's okay, I've never been impressed by any of her photos to be honest.
    I'm still team Lacey!! I'm glad you are too, you have joined me, yay!
    Loved your vid, can't wait til next week!

  3. I'm rooting for Lacey/Ava for the guys don't care so much,haha. I guess NYLE/Justin because the seem like stand up kinda guys. I'm finding Hadassah to remind me of Kelly from cycle 3 because her photos are not on par with the others but is so damn beautiful in person. That skin, uhhhhhh.

  4. Courtney this episode reminded my of Victoria of the College Cycle. Both so skinny and, how I see it, always crying. I don't really like her anymore..

    Since this episode I'm also not really a fan of Mikey anymore. I didn't like his attitude.

    I'm totally #teamLacey and #teamNyle now ♡

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