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Xiaomi is getting strict on their bootloader unlock process. With some patience and the proper instructions, it can be quite easy to do. There are a lot of steps so it may seem complicated but I am here to show you how easy it is to unlock the bootloader of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro.

The waiting period for unlocking the bootloader isn’t the same for everyone. Some can unlock their phones instantly while others are made to wait a bit.

I was given a 30-day waiting period to unlock the bootloader of the Redmi Note 6 Pro but only 15 days on the Mi Mix 3. Xiaomi says the point of the waiting period is to protect their users, though.

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26 Replies to “Redmi Note 6 Pro | Unlock the Bootloader”

  1. Hi friend I follow the steps of the tutorial but I have the problem that mi unlock remains blank and does not send the email I need your help: 'v

  2. My redmi note 6pro bootloader is unlocked and twrp is installed. Can I download and install it. Or there is any issue bcoz of bootloader is unlocked

  3. hi! i have the RN6 pro, and after i upgrede to miui 10.2.2 the sensors (gyroscope and others) not work. can you help me? i think is somithing about a file named persist image or something like that. Sorry by my english. cheers from argentina.

  4. What exploits are available for force unlocking the bootloader for the Redmi Note 6 Pro? The wait is pissing me off and I'm tired of the ads.

  5. Probably dumb question, but I know that if I root I won't get OTA updates, but can I still download the update from their website and install it on my own using either twrp or their own menu?

  6. Do you still get system updates on note 6 pro after unlocking and rooting or you cannot get updates
    Can you use find device option after unlocking
    Also I did add account for unlocking and did not got any time period how do I know the time period to wait

  7. say (I was given a 30-day waiting period to unlock the bootloader of the Redmi Note 6 Pro)mean u waited on bootloader fastboot screen or what ?or xiaomi giving to u a massage (boot unlock acces 30 day later) ? i dont wanna 30 day powered off my phone.sorry for bad english. 🙁

  8. Just bought the Note 6 Pro today. I need to root as the silly stock Messages app doesn't allow blocking of all notifications. It merely greys out the option to disable notifications. So it still displays on the lock screen. Absolutely stupid phone. This phone is very buggy despite me doing the updates. The "app drawer" has gaps in the icons. Can't disable Google Chrome, Google Music etc. and worst of all it installs by default Facebook services even though the Facebook app isn't installed. No way to disable. I honestly never expected this level of bloat on a Chinese phone.

  9. Does unlocking the bootloader ..voids the warranty ? Or only rooting which does that ? By the way ,this video is greatly explained 👍😃😃

  10. Do you need to unlock the bootloader to root the note 6 pro? Sorry Im still quite new to android rooting and I have only rooted my past 2 phones using kingroot. I resorted to this video after noticing there isnt support for the note 6 on kingroot yet (that I know). If there is an easier way to root my phone , prefferably without a PC , please reply. Thanks

  11. I need help on xiaomi redmi note 5. I have the chinese version and i bought it by mistake…
    I am trying to change it but it doesn't work. I do not get the key from the usb debugging.
    I need help as soon as it is possible. If you can help me somehow just type under my comment or you can ask me more about my problem to tell you.

  12. How to fix that notifications bug because of notch. Notification icons are not shown at top of the screen. Please help

  13. Sir when i am unlocking the bootloader of Redmi note 5 pro…the 'MiUSB drivers not installing…it says err=-1… please tell me something about this ..i want to unlock… please reply this 🙏🏻

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