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For those that aren’t able to watch more than 10 seconds of a video before commenting: this method will permanently remove (you won’t be able to recover what you delete) bloatware from all smartphones except non-rooted Samsung phones. If you’re on a Samsung handset, the files will only be disabled. Every other device supports complete removal.

Downloads for Mac:
Debloater.v.x.xx.dmg – –
New Android phones (Marshmallow or newer) need to use this method to install ADB instead of method mentioned in video –

Downloads for Windows:
Debloater.v.x.xx.exe –
ADB for Windows –

Android is a fantastic mobile operating system. While for many years I considered iOS to be the clear leader, the two platforms are closer than ever before-equally impressive-both with its own strengths and weaknesses. One of the annoyances with Android is the fact that most new phones come with lots of bloatware that cannot be uninstalled. Today, I will show you how to remove any and all bloatware from any Android smartphone without root permissions.


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  3. Today Google has made a app that kills your battery and make your phone very slow. It's called the Digital Well-being app, you can disable it on some Android phones but not on any Google Pixel device. That's why Google Pixel users are having battery draining problems and making them slower than they should be.

  4. My Moto G6 ís putting àcçéñt marks like this ànd I don't know hów to stop it! Í tried dífférent keybóàrds. Can you pleàse hélp¿?? QWERTY ànd PC keyboard didn't ßtop it!

  5. Adding my dislike to the video.

    Yes, I did read the description: my phone is NOT non rooted Samsung, is just an Android device. It didn't work.

  6. I'm looking to use my Moto G3 (aka Moto G 2015, aka Osprey) as a wifi only media player until I have the money for an iPod Touch. I have the bootloader unlocked and Pixys OS installed on it, and I want to disable the phone dialer, messenger app, and contacts app on the device, because I won't have a SIM card installed in it and just a micro SD card. I have ADB installed on my MacBook Pro already for my college courses. Will this method work for what I'm looking to do?

  7. How do you keep the drop down notifications from constantly dropping down on its own
    I don't know what happened that it just started doing this it's so annoying I can't hardly use my phone bc it keeps opening by itself a gazillion times like non stop

    I hope there's a solution I can not afford new phone right now..😞
    Thank you in advance for any advice and or info you may have on this issue…

  8. Since 2016 I use unlocked phones but thet gave me on 2020 a samsung galaxy A70 for free and is so anoying all this apps

  9. Verizon also locks the end user out of Calibration settings for no particular reason, could this app also be used to unlock the Calibration settings, or block Verizon's control on system settings? My obvious solution is next time I buy a phone itll be an unlocked phone not bought directly from Verizon, but right now I need to recalibrate and they're blocking that option.

  10. Would everyone kindly fuck off? 80% of all the comments say the same fucking thing, we get it, remove=/=disable, but for people like me who have a piece of shit Huawei P10 lite junk, we have no way of accessing root beyond paying shady businesses seeing how Huawei decided it's a smart idea to remove bootloader unlocker from their webpage and if you try to forcibly open it your phone will brick itself. Stop shitting on the video and go fuck yourself.

  11. I got to the terminal, typed in devices after dragging the "adb" file into the Terminal. I got the "Bad CPU type in executable" what did I do wrong? using MacOSX Catalina.

  12. why is following a guide never as simple as it should be… my huawei phone shows one package only in debloater. OobConfig.apk. Anyone know what I can do?

  13. this worked great on my Oppo even if it just blocks the app I can now reprogram buttons, before i could not great vid thanks

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  15. The debloater is finding only one app which is apprelease.apk but i'm not sure that i did the adb setup correctly.

  16. it well cause serious problem like notifications do not pushed, so disable google service is no a smart choice

  17. I am getting an error that read's "unfortunately your device is neither rooted nor supports block mode, the program will now close". can you tell me what seems to be the problem. Thanks

  18. Thanks for the video but this does not work anymore in 2020, I just installed it but none of the apps show on the list and it shows the phone is connected

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