Remove all bloatware in MiUI | No Root, No ADB Commands

Remove all bloatware in MiUI | No Root, No ADB Commands


Download Xiaomi Bloatware Removal Tool here - [Updated link for downloading - Jan 2020, Download the ZIP File as per your computer type Win / Linu

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Download Xiaomi Bloatware Removal Tool here –

[Updated link for downloading – Jan 2020, Download the ZIP File as per your computer type Win / Linux / Mac ]

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In this Video, I have talked about a method by which you can remove all bloatware from Xiaomi phones without having to root them. Watch and know more. Subscribe now.

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how to remove bloatware in MiUI
remove bloatware MiUI
MiUi remove unused apps

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  • comment-avatar

    I have Redmi note 8pro, and developer mode is enabled, but it always says and stuck on "Looking for devices…".

  • comment-avatar

    The reboot is it just to switch off the phone?

  • comment-avatar

    i want a complete list of those bloatware apps which can be uninstalled via adb as well as terminal on rooted pocophone f1 (I don't care if that app also include security apps or themes….each any everything which can be removed from mini from and the phone would still work without any issue… i want all those app list.
    on mini skin all I like is navigation gesture as well as result app style… rest I use nothing.

  • comment-avatar

    hi bro its good and the problem here is u r using 6.0 version of adb but updated version 6.8 is tough and you can not find simply the .exe file in the list of zip files … can u just go through the updated zip and find out where it is and update that in description . thank you bro

  • comment-avatar

    good tuto, thanks!

  • comment-avatar

    Brother i repeat the steps u doo the file worked though but it fails to detect my device it shows FINDING DEVICES can u please help me?

  • comment-avatar

    Thanks for your video. I would like to know the complete list of apps that I can delete without breaking my phone?

  • comment-avatar

    guδ Info. Bro.. I have No PC 😭 😭

  • comment-avatar

    Does it take time for looking for device??

  • comment-avatar

    Thanks, it worked for my Redmi 8a!

  • comment-avatar

    i wish someone would make a proper video showing/listing the steps.
    because speaking the steps is not the best way to get people to understand
    when people speak the steps to something they have done before countless times, invariably they miss steps or glaze over the important parts.
    i join a long list of people here who had trouble here.

    i wish you nerds would show the steps clearly, rather than saying the steps.
    (i will ignore the accent issues or video sound quality issues.)
    because what seems obvious to you, other people do not know.
    think about it this way, if the people watching your video knew what you knew or had the same knowledge as you, chances are they would not need to watch the video.

    the best how to videos i have seen show the steps in picture format or screenshots, much like a comic book with an arrow pointing to what we need to do.
    saying something like "debug the user interface while syn-taxing the codes" does not help the less knowledgeable
    (this is just an example, i know the video presenter did not say these exact words)

    judging by the number if people who had problems here, most of the people must be like me and do not understand computer terminology.

    also when someone says click on the download button.
    then the public goes to the site and there is no button with the words "download" on it.
    instead the button to download says "latest release" then tell the viewers to click on the button labelled "latest release"

    i would explain it this way, (only an example)
    "When you open the web page on the right hand side up the top , look for three black dots, then click on them.
    then the next page to open up should be this (screen shot)
    on the left side halfway down the screen look for a 1cm blue circle with the words "Run" click on that."

    AS Albert Einstein said "if you cannot explain something simply, then you dont fully understand it"

  • comment-avatar

    I dont know how to download from github? Can you help me telling how to? Thanks.

  • comment-avatar

    Now this method is not working.

  • comment-avatar

    Without pc how to remove

  • comment-avatar
  • comment-avatar

    Will this work on Miui 10? Becsuse I want to buy a Note 8 Pro & the only thing stopping me from buying one is Miui and it's ugly ass ad riddled bloatware

  • comment-avatar

    Im not getting this fastboot tool
    I did everything as said in the video
    Help please

  • comment-avatar

    After downloading Java and installing what should I do next

  • comment-avatar

    Not working on Redmi 8A.

  • comment-avatar

    error : device cannot be loaded !!! help

  • comment-avatar

    Well I have a problem to remove bloatwares from second space
    When i first installed jar and connect to my phone the app was showing second space apps but now It is not showing second space apps. S0 will you help me? me

  • comment-avatar

    MAC os solution to remove MIUI bloatware please

  • comment-avatar

    Will I get Updates after doing this? 🧐🤔