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In this video I take you through the procedure of how to reprogram a Renault ECU using Can Clip.
In this case I reprogram an engine ECU on a 2005 Scenic, but this procedure applies to most Renaults and ECUs.
Any questions put them below.

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31 Replies to “Renault Can Clip ECU reprogramming procedure.”

  1. Amigo…. preciso de sua ajuda, estou com uma kangoo que adaptei o motor e câmbio automático de uma scenic 2.0 2002 mas fiz somente a ligação dos módulos da injeção e transmissão. Porem o modulo dela de transmissão estava com defeito, comprei outro modulo de uma scenic mais nova, preciso passar as configurações da antiga para o modulo novo, mas ao usar o programa da clip ele chega em uma parte que me pede um token… parece algo como você fez no vídeo, poderia me ajudar?

  2. Hi, I'm watching your videos, very detailed . I'm wondering if I replaced an abs pump/module on grand espace 4 ,it can be reprogrammed with can clip v190?
    Thank you!

  3. Hello, I have a new EGR valve mounted on the Megan II 1.9DCi and I need to execute SC036 via Clip v190. The instructions from the Dialogys – Component Replacement (see quote below) say that it is necessary to run the SC036 – reinitialize programming command. Can you advise me in which section of the program can I find it? In CLIP I can only see in Injection/Repairs/Programming – commands SC001, SC002, SC003. Is this command still present in CLIP v190? Thank you for your advice.

    Quotes from the instructions:
    PROCEDURE to be followed after replacing the exhaust gas recirculation valve:
    – Run command SC036 Reinitialise programming,
    – select EGR valve as the type of operation, then follow the instructions given by the diagnostic tool,

  4. Hi, I have a 2018 kangoo and after getting it repaired due to an accident, the front foglights and TPM are deactivated, can it be reactivated with V191 CLIP

  5. Hello Renault fluence 2016 icon Do you know if my manual vehicle's hill start support can be switched on? I have never seen anyone around me and on the Internet until this time.

  6. Hi where did you get the figures for “after sales type” engine code gearbox code etc on the 1st page. I have version 173 and it’s goes not auto detect them

  7. hello I have 2005 megane hb 1.6 16v and my steering rack has been changed. than steering check comes on the screen while driving. we connected can clip it says angle sensor fault. probably we need to calibrate steering angle sensor how can we do this thank you.

  8. I would love too see a video on how to disable the "Tire Pressure Monitoring System" of an Clio from 2013-2015! Something you could do? 🙂

  9. Hi there l have a problem with reprogramming cd radio in my Renault Laguna,l went even to renault and they told me that radio l have bought from second hand have different vin number and they cant do anything about it. But other people from Renault forum saying that is possible to do that. Can you help some how?

  10. What voltage do you need at the car battery to program a key card with can clip?
    I tried this morning with my 2005 megane, and the procedure stopped and gave me the low voltage warning. I had a charger on the battery and voltage was 13 volts at the battery! I thought that would be enough? .
    That was interesting what you said about the can clip unit itself needing a power supply? I didn't know this, i just had the clip connected to the dlc and the usb to the laptop.

  11. Hola buenas noches muy buen video yo tengo una grand Scenic 2.0 16v año 2007 y no consigo el progama (software) para reprogramar dónde lo puedo bajar podés ayudarme gracias. Soy de Argentina Posadas misiones

  12. Hi, recently I have reset the configuration of an GPS/RadNav ECU trying to activate Android Auto on a Renault Fluence R-Link 1 system. Now the nav shows "Unconfigured Device, please add EOL settings" and it does not load the radio nor the maps. Can the Can Clip reprogram the NAV/Radio ECU and solve this?

  13. Hi . I have a 2006 megane with sid 301 injection(1.5 dci 106hp). same as yours in this video clip. I have a injection problem with it. The maximum intake air it admits on maximum throttle is 1500 mbar. The turbo delivers 2900 mbar on maximum throttle. It prevents the intake air flap from letting that amount by intermittently closing the flap. Looking on the gas pedal potentiometer it register normal 0-100% depending how much its pressed . However looking on the track 1 and 2 of the accelerator potentiometer there are anomalies in my view. track 1 registers 80 % on maximum gas pedal, track 2 only 40% on maximum gas pedal. On idle gas pedal The voltage on track 1 is 0.66v and on track 2 of the accelerator potentiometer is 0.33v. Do I need reprogramming of the ecu or to replace it? Or is there other problem I need to look into. Looking closely on the gas pedal potentiometers inside the gas pedal It does not seems anything damage or corroded in there except normal wear of the tracks which looks similar on both potentiometer tracks. Any help would be welcomed including showing me what values your clip registers.

  14. Hello I really liked your video and I would like to know if you could help me to reprogram A fuse module of a Renault fluence 2013 uch With can clip 183 ?

  15. hi , thank you for video. i have a question for you :

    for reprograming process Can clip and reprogram codes be required to be compatible? for exaple v158 can clip and v175 reprog . does this work?

  16. Great JOB. Do you know if with CANCLIP I can change the Radio ECU (MICOM) to the last version? Is there any place to download those last ECU version? Are they inside the Can clip Reprog software? Thanks a lot for your help.

  17. Hi there my can clip interface says transmission problem and I can't do reprogramming. In the background it's searching for software in

  18. Hi there my UCH is blank and I need the code to programme it. Where can I get the immobiliser code from.

  19. Hello, My 2005 Megane while diagnosing with the renault clip the injection VIN is not showed on the list with other conrols VIN SCREEN Also it shows ECU Memory fault

  20. Hello, I put in an another used dashboard in my espace I want to change the vin code for the radio( put in an used radio from a different car.than the dash. Radio is blocked because the vin from radio and dashboard are not the same. so the dashboard has to have another vin. If I go in repair mode with the clip en go to the other configuration menu it says "already configured" Do I need to reprogram the dash and can I put in the vin from the radio?
    A solution will be highly appreciated. Your videos are very helpful, thanks. Regards Bern.

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