[Reupload] Incredible Nightcore Dance Mix #7 [1 Hour] [HD]

[Reupload] Incredible Nightcore Dance Mix #7 [1 Hour] [HD]


Hey there~ This is a reupload of mix #7. It was first uploaded on the 24th of december 2013... geez, almost 4 years ago (o_o). However, it got blo

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Hey there~

This is a reupload of mix #7. It was first uploaded on the 24th of december 2013… geez, almost 4 years ago (o_o).

However, it got blocked in a few countries (245 to be exact *cough cough*) due to one song i’ve used. Welp, still better than getting striked I guess. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I Removed and replaced the song in question. Other than that, it’s exactly like the old mix~

However, if you REALLY want to listen to the original mix including the old song, hop on to my playfm. I’ve uploaded it there~

Now with that said, please enjoy!


01. 00:00 Nightcore – Clarity (DRM Bootleg Edit)
Picture by ryosios:

02. 03:08 Nightcore – Skydiver (DJ Fait Remix)
Picture by aoiyukiko:

03. 06:29 Nightcore – Shes Got Nothing On (RainDropz! feat. AlexKea meets Chris Victory Remix)
Picture by nirotensai:

04. 09:35 Nightcore – Howling At The Moon (Ti-Mo Radio Edit)
Picture つなこ:

05. 12:18 Nightcore – Fire & Ice (Basslovers United Remix)
Picture by bob:

06. 15:44 Nightcore – Million Miles Away From Home (DJ Manian vs. Tune Up! Remix)
Picture by sodapop:

07. 18:41 Nightcore – Turn The Signs (Phillerz Remix Edit)
Picture by ToBe:

08. 21:29 Nightcore – Not Gonna Save The World (Cc.K. Mix)
Pictureby ryosios:

09. 25:03 Nightcore – Stars
Picture by やもり:

10. 28:09 Nightcore – Gonna Be So Happy (Club Mix)
Picture by 川上六角:

11. 32:14 Nightcore – Something About You (Ced Tecknoboy Remix)
Picture by 草鋼:

12. 36:10 Nightcore – Lost In The Discotheque (Radio Edit)
Picture by towelnyan:

13. 39:39 Nightcore – Shooting Star (Empyre One Remix Edit)
Picture by ASK:

14. 42:33 Nightcore – Tonight Is The Night (NeoTune! Edit)
Picture by ChengCheng:

15. 45:45 Nightcore – Call For Help (Manox Remix)
Picture by RAN:

16. 50:00 Nightcore – You & Me
Picture by shiroxx0094:

17. 53:36 Nightcore – When My Heart Stop Beating (Club Mix)
Picture by Oosaki Shinya:

18. 56:43 Nightcore – Brokenhearted (Basslouder Remix Edit)
Picture by Capsulemarket88:





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    9:35 5pb from neptunia

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    Can someone tell me, where I van Find the song You&Me?

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    This mix (7) was a close friend in my weirdest year living with roomates while going to college. Just this, league of legends, and sleep at day play at night every day

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    Finally found it!!

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    Nightcore mixes are so good! So much nostalgia!

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    It’s back up

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    Ohhh kius, velkome back old video

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    This is absolutely incredible & uplifting to dance to. Thx! For sharing.

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    Great Mix. It is really incredeble!

    Let's start a Party!!
    I'll invite you all!

    Here we Go, It's time to Duel!!

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    This is what I call perfection :3

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    Ugh I cant find that version of you and me anywhere on the internet pls help 🙁

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    Colors > new song(

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    the hnusna hudba

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    This guy is a pioner XD Nice to see new videos!

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    tare piesa nice

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    Hello Good morning EVERYONE!!!!!

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    Thank you Kisunedo!!

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    This was my favorite Nightcore mix when I was 12 xD

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    Thank you very much for caring about your old work! Highly appreciated =]

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