Review: Are cheap SSDs any good? Integral V series.

I put a cheap SSD in an old laptop to see if it is worth the upgrade.

I think it is, and for older laptops a cheap SSD is fine. Although the numbers in my very “non-scientific” test don’t look that impressive, the machine feels a lot faster in general use.


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  • Not a great test as it was not on the drive but on the system overall.
    Typically, the system speed when drive limited will be from a 2.5 HHD which runs at 4500 RPM and produces around 30MB/s.

    Of course the speed and the RAM in which the system can load from the drive to the system is the factoring of the drives speed and in part the ram and the processor will have profound effects on the "performance".

    Loading remote information only tests the internet connection.

    As a IT professional, I have put mechanical drives from 5400 to 7200RPM mechanical drives and noticed a "jump" in performance where RAM was not a issue on the basis of the software ( not so much windows bloat).
    in another able laptop I put a SSD and there was also a jump in performance.

    There is another factor in this also and that is battery life, the SSD uses less power and the HHD drive is a power drain in laptops and thus there are gains here also.

    It is worth noting that many "brand" system are misconfigured and are not "set up" correctly.
    The hardware maybe SATA 1 or 2 and thus the speed limitations can occur on the system as a result.
    Sata being the slowest and Sata1 being 150mb/s and sata2 being 3Gb/s (bits) and Sata3 being 6 Gb/s.

    Clearly if you are running a 7200 Rpm fairly new drive you will get speeds of around 108 Mb/s if you then install as SSD you may notice no change or speeds of 150 mb/s and you will not take full advantage of the SATA and SSD speeds.

    This will or "usually" will be the issue here in the tests that you have shown, and I say this as anything over 15 seconds is a slow boot time and I haven't had one of those since XP and when I had a part fail of a hard drive running at 4mb/s ( boot time was about a week lol)

  • Not a good way to test SSD speed , here's how I do it, Step 1 setup a local account with no password, it will ask you to log out to make the changes, Step 2 restart your computer and only start the timer after the bios screen turns black or as soon as the windows logo appears , stop the timer as soon as the windows desktop appears, that was a restart timer which should be longer than a shutdown timer, Step 3 shut down the PC this creates a shadow copy, power on the PC and time as above it should be much much faster. use the same timing technique for a mechanical hard drive to get a better reading of OS load times of before and after SSD replacement. Never time from 1st power on as all bios screens take different lengths of time to complete their tests actual loading of the OS only happens when the screen turns black and the OS logo appears. Hope that helps.

  • or just turn off windows power management and turn off "fast startup" under the choose what power button does (no point using fast startup with a SSD and the hybrid shutdown can cause all sorts of issues) , i assume this is one of them AMD E type cpus that computer shops like to sell and dont really tell them that its slower than a cpu from 8 years ago (£250-300 junk systems spend £50-100 more and get a i3 or AMD A8 or higher cpu)

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